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  • Flocking

    Just updated my webpage ( www. Gijoe.50 Megs. Com) with a do-it-yourself flocking device. On my website, I provided all the details with pics. This was the prototype for the Flockmaster 2000, and chronicles the trials and tribulations of development of the admittedly cool device. I made this page 5YEARS ago, and it took me this long to post it! How time flies! Anyway, enjoy!
    AT Commander
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    I can vouch for the Flockmaster 2000. Dave has a great imagination and helped me tremendously when I was building my flocking machine.
    - Scott
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    See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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      Looking back over that adventure, it was a fun project, Scott! I think yours ended up more heavy duty than our proof-of-concept, and i'm sure it's focked tons more noggins, too!


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        I found a Youtube video on flocking where a guy uses a soda bottle filled with flock and shakes it up to give it a static charge. Then pours it over the glued areas on the noggin to flock them. I couldn't get your page to load, ATC. I'd like to check that out too as it seems to do a far superior job.


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          I couldn't get the page to work either. Looking forward to seeing what you have made. The problem I have found with the static flock is it doesn't have a negative ION Generator. You do get to reflock a head bringing it back and on rainy days works great. For me it's all gotta stand on end to have that cool Hasbro Factory look! I have to build the one on Flock Concepts page. Scroll at bottom for videos. http://flockconcepts.proboards.com/t...ck-repair-kits Hoping to get this made over next few months.


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            That's weird. The page loads fine for me. Try the direct link:


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              Originally posted by Myles_Falworth View Post
              I found a Youtube video on flocking where a guy uses a soda bottle filled with flock and shakes it up to give it a static charge. Then pours it over the glued areas on the noggin to flock them. I couldn't get your page to load, ATC. I'd like to check that out too as it seems to do a far superior job.
              Here's the bottle flock video:

              Does anyone have experience with "combing" the flock before the glue dries to the hair to point in a direction, especially when using longer flock on a mustache or making a part in the hair? I think Flocktastic does this, or are using the static directionally. Check out the "4mm mid blond with with grey flecks":



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                I personally don't, but one of my figures has a Flocktastic job, pics when I'm off work.

                Flocktastic no longer flocks, and I don't blame him for why.


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                  Here's Rodge, who I bought off of Blondeactionman. He was a Flocktastic Job, note the .5mm stubble and 4mm hair, that is swept to the side, I don't know how he did it.


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                    Ah sorry for the old thread bump but currently trying to build one of these and have all the parts I need but uh having a hard time figuring out how to wire up the negative ion generator. So going from the photos I'm using the same generator, I assume I need to extend the wires for the the one attached to the rod and the flock tray. But then I have two wires that seem like they are for attaching it to a battery, how do I make that work with a plug?

                    I got it working it seems, its not pretty but it seems to work, I had some chaining in my test run but I was experimenting with a 4mm flock and it was rather dry out, I can probably push the flock tray down more next time.
                    Thanks for the great example that made me feel like trying one.
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                      Hi Lee! I just spotted this post this morning. Glad you got to working! Looks great! Be careful, and don't kill yourself with it. 😉 I have a small GFCI pigtail extension cord can I use mine with. I expect that gives it some degree of safety. I can't tell if you've got any GFCI protection on yours or not. I'm glad you got it working. You'll have to play with the distance between the tinfoil ground plane and the center electrode order to get it to flock efficiently. And I found that humidity makes a difference too. Good work!!!


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                        Hey thanks! As of now its plugged into a pretty standard surge protector power strip, hence why I did the test run outside, and had a fire extinguisher at the ready. I'll probably clean up the tape I used tomorrow and actually test it on a head. I feel fairly safe with it,I have the "exposed" part of the rod and clip covered in electrical tape on the outside and I cut the lid of the container I used into a shield to both block stray flock from flying out and prevent anyone from touching the ball when its turned on. I'll throw some water on to boil tomorrow and give it a crack then.


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                          Safety First!
                          "No don't try it! It's dangerous! You might hurt yourself! You might kill yourself! Stay away! Run away! Don't plug it in!"
                          There. Now I can sleep at night.
                          I have fun with mine.


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                            Has anyone used Club hair for Joe in recent years? I used them once years back on a batch of 4 figures and got amazing results. Still 4 of my favorite figures. But it's been a while. Is he still around?


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                              Well I went to go do my first heads, and in the week since I tested it, it no longer works, thats cool.


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