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What it like to be a Gi Joe Collector

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  • Gforce121262@yahoo.com
    started a topic What it like to be a Gi Joe Collector

    What it like to be a Gi Joe Collector

    WHAT IT LIKE to be a Gi Joe Collector.
    it funny I never really thought about it.
    it can be some of a challenge .
    it not like I discuss it with everyone.
    gods know never have enough space .
    specially considering the relative size of Colllecting
    12" Action Figures.

    know it been are Wifes and Giel Friends.
    but for Started is a Small Spark .
    that I thought went away .
    I guess not after my Father passageway it was
    a way to Cope.
    sometimes I will not even think about my
    Collection and sometimes .
    Ethier taking Photos / repairing or making something .
    or this discussing it on a Forum with other s

  • Gforce121262@yahoo.com
    I am glad I collect only one thing .
    sometimes there smaller.
    but as Geek pointed out .
    wouldn't be as Fun .
    I had 2 Joe's as a Kid and there gone.
    now I more than I could Dream of.
    my Little Brother is the only who had sort off
    every made negative respinse.
    are relationship had been odd .
    for Years now.
    and he ask I took his StatWars Figures
    and he was in his early 40"s
    I did send one my FB photos
    it was Star Wars Theme so he like it

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  • GeekDragon
    Me, I talk about it with co-workers and what not, even if the aren't collectors at all. (I'm proud to be a Joe collector and I'm not shy to let every one know. I've always been like this with everything I collect, from comics, vintage star wars, to video games. It's a fun hobby and I love the trenches. Made some good online friends(who I hope to meet in person eventually). It's fun and people are generally impressed when I show them pics of my collection or tell them about it. To sum it up, yeah I would have ALOT more money saved up if I didn't collect, but man, would my life be boring.

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  • Gforce121262@yahoo.com
    Well put RX

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  • RX-79G
    As the Big Bang Theory makes clear, adult train collectors are also weirdos, just weirdos that got here first. They at least borrow some of the cache of model builders.

    I don't tell anyone I need to have influence with that I have several boxes full of toys - that's personal, like bathroom habits and owning rollerblades. And one needs to be circumspect who you tell about adult toys and hobbies - watches, guns, boats, gaming, paintball, bowling, knives, bikes, hunting, parkour, base jumping, pottery, leatherwork, sci-fi books and Phish concerts. People still feel it is valid to disapprove of any and all of those things. I've done a lot of them, and largely shut up about it unless I'm talking to someone who actually has a mutual interest.

    As far as I can tell, we have a hobby in large part because the usenet dial-up groups before the internet made it possible for weirdos like us to find other weirdos who love GI Joes. Online classified in newsgroups allowed trading to happen on a national scale between collectors of all types, and Ebay made it formal, safer and easy.

    I'm not a formal collector. I would happily trade away many vintage items to someone who would appreciate just the right shovel or pith helmet. But I do have a slavish devotion to a certain aesthetic which I only seem to be able to scratch with the two kinds of 12" GI Joe figures I had in the '70s (and am pissed that I misplaced), and take a real joy in recreating that feeling with my kitbashes, custom flocked heads and modified bodies. I often wish I could summon the fortitude to actually "play" with them - but I also don't know if I really played as a kid nearly as much as I played at outfitting them for the action that never quite came. I guess vehicles made for more dynamic play that articulated figures could.

    I also have a few 25th 3 3/4" Joes, Microman, Henshin Cyborg and Robotech/Macross toys - new and old. Again, all stuff that refers back to the things I found most magical as a kid. And I have real firearms, bicycles, watches and knives - again things that fascinated me as a kid but I had less easy access to. At least I got over the motorcycle thing and avoided boats altogether. Still, sailing at summer camp was really a lot of fun....
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  • Gforce121262@yahoo.com
    Your not only there.
    back in day.
    men especially collected Model Trains
    even magazines of the 60's and even 50's
    like Better Homes and Gardens .
    showed a Home there was sometimes a Den with a Model Train Set.
    and that was normal .
    Shows like Addams Family there were scenes
    Were Addam Gomez was playing with .
    Train Set Classic Scene.

    then on the other Hand Movies like 40 Old Virgin
    putts are Hobby in a different light.
    Collectors of Action Figures back not long ago
    we were Closet Collectors
    only among are Cumminty .
    or Friends from Shows.

    Now with You Tube it alot more Reconize as even
    cool Face Book has 1000 of Colectorrs Around
    the World.

    so it might be a little harder for you being younger
    but you enjoy it
    that's what Matter
    it a type of of Therapy

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  • Aiwaloki
    I never really talked about it. I met up with some Joe heads once. We had some fun show and tell at our houses. They were serious collectors and had boxed items and loose items on display. I sometimes have some friends over and they look at my stuff and appear to be impressed. I tend to be shy about it and often wonder if they think I am crazy. In my late teens, I pretty much sold all my stuff and was clunter free. Then I wanted to buy one GI Joe Spy Island set and that one curiosity lead to another. I enjoyed collecting and learning about all the AT Joe history. I reach my satisfaction point and am now trying to find the time to reduce my collection, at least all the my duplicates. I met a lot of cool Joe heads online and love the passion. I think when Vintage Joes were at their peak in 2000's, there was a lot good stuff circulating. Now it is a slower pace and now I am wondering way I rushed so fast to collect then. LOL.

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