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  • Bum Deals...

    I think twice this year, I responded to an online sale (facebook/craiglist). We agreed to a price, meeting time and place. We exchange info. Then the day of the happening, I find out that they sold the item to someone else (probably for more). Just had it happen to me today for something I was interested in enough to travel an hour for fun. The guy post the item, i agreed to the price he listed as. It was not one of those arrangements, like who ever has the money there first wins. Just bummed and disappointed that someone essential broke their word. Is there is etiquette to say something? I let it go, but next time I going to be sure to meet up quicker to close the deal.
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    I've had that happen on Amazon. Not for Gi Joe stuff, but for a DVD of a choral performance I saw on cable TV. The seller delayed shipping,and then later canceled my order. I then saw the same seller listing the item (which I ordered for about $30, for a whopping $300 and then selling it to someone else. I was madder than a wet hen. I complained to Amazon, but nothing was done. I eventually bought the CD, but would much rather have had that (apparently rare and valuable) DVD.

    I also had something similar happen on Ebay - but different. I was buying a large vintage lot, and suddenly before the auction ended, it was cancelled by the seller. I send e-mail to the seller, and it turned out that someone had asked to buy a green camo radio in the lot by itself - which the seller did, and then took the auction offline (properly) since it wasn't the same item anymore. I was happy to buy the rest of the lot and they sold it to me - without putting it back up for auction. So I'm a happy camper on that sale.

    Sorry to hear about your trouble. Driving an hour is no picnic for no reward.


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      Many people live their entire lives without honor. I don't understand it. Perhaps they're a different species..


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        I have been seeing this happen more and more, especially on ebay. Makes me not want to buy anything on ebay or facebook marketplace. On the bright side, I belong to enough facebook groups and here that if I'm looking for something, I really don't need to got the ebay route.
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          I tend to find "fair" pricing with eBay from individual non collector sellers. On Facebook, the deals on small items for me tend to be too far away and they will not ship. Or they believe their item to be worth more than someone willing to pay, but I guess that is been par for our hobby. I need a new drug lol


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