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    Nice lot! The Swamp Craft snare goes for quite a bit just by itself.
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      Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	57.2 KB ID:	5173

      Mail call was nice once more! I bought a small lot, with just an Action Soldier, and an Adventure Team ATV. The ATV as you can see, has the winch intact, but without the crane arm. That I can find easily, in original or repro. This is the first unbroken winch I have even had. The ATV is a little rough, but I don't think any restoration is required, since it only looks like it has been seeing rough use by the Adventure Team. So it joins the auto-fleet as is. The soldier has ripped shirt and trousers, but nice original brown boots. He will be re-outfitted as my second Green Beret. I have all the pieces ready for him. 100 men we test today, but only 3 for the Green Beret!!!!!!
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        Ah, the joy of rediscovery! I often find stuff I forgot I had in one of my bins. Almost as much fun as finding something cool at a yard sale...
        - ATC


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          Mail call today brought the helmet for Smoke Jumper, the silver metal detector "arm" for Buried Bounty, a short pole and a long pole for the AT Tent (I still need two long poles), and 4 gold coins for Eight Ropes of Danger. Previously I have only found 1 until now. I've been on a buying binge. I need to stop for a while and restock the dollar supply. I also did some reorganizing in the "study/Joe room" last night. I'll post some pics here soon. I moved my Troubleshooter and my new ATV up on top of the file cabinet where the Training Center cave used to be. I also moved the Training Center upstairs to the study, and a much safer place.

          I've also been trying to find my bag of 7000 Jeep parts for a possible trade with another collector. The bag is no longer where I put it. So the search continues.
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            Click image for larger version

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ID:	5183 Here's the new arrangement on the file cabinet. The Troubleshooter has the repro small antennas in a plastic bag sitting on the seat. The ATV needs to have the winch restrung, since this ATV had lost it's original yellow string. I have the correct string and hook, and I'll retie the knots and wind the string when I get a chance. The crane arm also is not original to this ATV, but came from a broken winch assembly in my parts stores. You can also see my awesome Frankenstein boxed figure in the background, and the Gi Joe CC convention set "Return to the Hidden Temple". One of the best of the con sets IMHO.


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              Nice looking vehicles. I need to dig out my ATV. I believe it is still sitting over at my moms house. Also, the Sideshow Frankenstein's Monster is awesome. One of only 2 12" Universal Monsters figures to come out at retail. The other is The Wolfman. i remember seeing these when I worked at TRU and I had to buy them. They were both $29.99 each. Ah, those were the days..........
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                Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	113.7 KB ID:	5188 Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	123.2 KB ID:	5189

                Mail call brought this latest Joe to my door. He is virtually flawless, and comes with the Karate top with original AT emblem, a red karate belt, and a white Big Jim Power Belt. This completes my AT Karate set. I've been looking for the red belt far and wide for a long time. Nice to finally finish this one. Now I need to get some Polident or some other solvent, and get to work whitening the gis I have, and the mat. Then this set will be ready for display.
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                  Click image for larger version  Name:	image_1184.jpg Views:	1 Size:	103.7 KB ID:	5219
                  This photo shows two prints I picked up from Sgt Van and his son. The AT print is from Van, and his son took the photo on the Action Soldier scene! Definitely a budding photographer!

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	76.1 KB ID:	5217
                  These are three talking Joes I had restrung by Scott Wilde, which I picked up from him at the show. The middle Joe turns out to be a talking Pilot! I got each of these in various lots purchased from Ebay. The two on the right both had broken strings, and the MOA had the string wrapped around his neck, and could not retract. These guys will undergo uniform issue, and the pilot will receive a new arm (mostly his original arm if I can find it), and eventually a new box from Pawtucket Platoon, who have thoroughly impressed me! I'll post photos when these guys are outfitted and ready to return to duty.

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	84.5 KB ID:	5218

                  Here you can kind of see the Vietnam nurse I got for $20, the Land Adventurer box I got form Pawtucket Platoon, the Mego Ultraman figure I picked up, the Kentuckiana pin for visiting all 3 rooms, the round magazine and bipod for my Russian SOTW Joe, the hood from Volcano Jumper, a few modern hats including a silly Irish tophat, and the helmet from the Navajo Code Talker, which I've been looking for for over a year, from Dean Morrison? Also 4 vintage AT holsters I picked up for a good price. I also got the orange crate which was made for the show set. I just wanted the crate, and got it from Bee Actove Toys who 3D printed it. Another new source for 3D printed Joe equipment. They also make a great looking reproduction of the cage from the Big Trapper vehicle!
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                    Nice! I'm jealous! Pretty bummed out that I couldn't go. Let's hear the details!


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                      Posted details with each photo above.


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                        Stupendous, Myles!
                        Well done!
                        Thanks for sharing.
                        - ATC


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                          You bet Dave! Sorry you couldn't be there. Someday we have to meet. Cheers!


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                            Today I bought several pairs of boots from a guy on the Facebook group "Original Gi Joe Collectors Group" 2p tall black boots, 2p tall brown boots, and 2p short black boots. My new troops need them! Also, today I won an Ebay auction for a GI Joe Tank Commander helmet. This, with the reproduction tripod, will complete my set. Pics will follow soon.


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                              I've recently discovered that my stores of AT uniforms have grown depleted. I used my last Mike Power uniform on the Atomic Man (Mike Power) I got recently. I looked through my Land Adventurer unis today, and found both remaining shirts are missing snaps. Then there are about 8 pairs of pants with no shirt to match with. I looked in my AT Commander uniforms yesterday, and found I had only one matched shirt and pants, except for a bag of Muscle Body Commander uniforms I keep separately. And I have no more Man of Action uniforms. The two on new figures I'm fixing up are the last, and one of them needs some snaps. So any new AT members will have to don uniforms from various AT sets rather than the uniforms they came in the box with originally. I'm unable to provide new uniforms for any of the AT now, except possibly the Adventurer, if I should come across another one. So my next step in organizing the collection will be to reorganize them all by set, rather than by individual parts. That way I'll know what parts I still need, and which ones are extras I can trade or sell. I'll try to get started on this soon. I have other purchases I'd like to make, and I would prefer to do it out of GI Joe sales rather than our of our checking acccount.


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                                Organization is always a challenge! I've never been able to organize until maybe the last 2 years. That's when I got my Joe room. Now that I have all my stuff in one place and in one room, I can get organized. I still have to do it. Lots of stuff is still in plastic containers. I'm hoping to make headway on that project this winter. Nothing is organized by original set. My stuff is all organized by group instead. Military, adventure team, science fiction, etc. I have not kept things separate by manufacturer, either. For instance, my German infantry squad is a mashup of hasbro, dragon, 21st century, and other oddball parts. Ditto for my paratroopers, marines, etc. I've always been a mix 'n' match kind of guy... whose collection evolved with kids over time as we played with our Joes! Now that the kids have grown up and moved out and taken their bins of sentimental stuff with them, I have what's left -- a mess on my hands!


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