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    I''ve got a latest find... Sgt Rock and the soldiers from Easy Company, all NIB! Found 'em on a top shelf in my Joe Room. Forgot I had 'em. Huh! Who knew?
    - ATC


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      Very cool ATC! I only have MME. Marie and Miss Fear. I don't have any of the Sgt. Rock guys. I have the Hasbro equivalent, Sgt. Savage. He was an HOF figure, but I put him on a CC body.


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        Some of those HOF sculpts were pretty decent! I put some on SA bodies and made a WWII German special forces paratrooper squad out of 'em:

        Click image for larger version

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        The leader is, of course, not a HOF, but is instead a cigar-smoking officer (I think it was a 21C tanker head sculpt). The uniforms and accessories are a mish-mash of stuff, but mostly 21st Century and Dragon. I put these together YEARS ago... before my kids all outgrew me. About all of my Joes are in squads, for easy wargaming deployment. Army squad, Marine Squad, Japanese Squad, German Squad, you get the idea). We used them in our Joe Wargaming (COMBAT rules on my website http://www.gijoe.50megs.com/). These joes saw a lot of action before being "aged" into retirement. I "aged out" of Joes when I discovered girls and motorcycles. Same thing happened with my boys.
        Now the squads of Joes are all waiting for grandkids to see action again.
        - ATC


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          Nice squad! I see Rock-n-Roll, Duke and Ace. I haven't converted my desert camo Duke or Ace, but I have converted my Rock-n-Roll figure.
          Along with my Sgt. Savage figure. With CC bodies.

          I customized my Rock-n-Roll figure to match the 3 3/4" version.
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            The guy in the rear of my squad is flint. I think those are the only HOF figures I have. Nice job on your rock and roll!
            - ATC


            • #96

              Thanks ATC, I'm glad you like the Rock and Roll. I had been wanting to set him up like that for a long time, I was finally able to find
              a second gun in the same colors as the one I had. They had a few variations. I didn't recognize Flint right away, probably because
              of the helmet.


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                Flint is narcissistic. He's losing a little bit of hair on one side, and is very self-conscious. He tries to keep his helmet on. Especially if Jane is looking...
                - ATC


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