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  • Modern Adventure Team GIJCC

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    Here is most of my modern Adventure Team - minus the replicas of all the original vintage AT line. I have all of those, in boxes on my shelf. My Man of Asia finally got a second-hand uniform at mail call today. He was low on funds when he first joined the team, and actually sold his uniform and all equipment to someone on the Trenches. The Foreign Adventurer (all the way on the left) is not wearing his black leather jacket. He had two of them. One was being used by the Man of Asia, and started flaking terribly. He blamed it on the Man of Asia's rough handling of the jacket, and practicing his Kung-Fu while wearing it. Then today, he pulled his other never used jacket from storage, and the leather pealed right off of it. So the jackets are being disposed of. He will need to find another jacket for outdoor missions. The Comrade of Action is also part of my team. he is currently lurking somewhere around the post - and could not be located for this photo. He never got his equipment package. AT Headquarters has searched far and wide for any sign of the Comrade's missing uniforms and equipment. Eventually he is confident we can find them. In the meantime, the military section has found a combat worn Russian uniform which he will wear. This should suffice temporarily until the modern equipment can be procured.
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    I hate to hear of the jacket peeling. I was just looking through my stack of club figure boxes the other day and didn't see him, the arctic adventurer or the man of asia. It has me concerned about where I put them.
    Now with this news, I really need to find the foreign adventurer to see what condition his jacket is in.


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      The black jacket for mine also started peeling to the point where it's pretty much junk. I also have a brown flight jacket from a air force set from the late 90's that did the same thing. There is one of the figures I never got the uniform set for,. Don't remember which one. Other then the jacket falling apart, these are great figures.
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        They are great figures. Lately at The Trenches facebook page, a member mentioned that the bag from the Arcane Adventurer is leeking. Another mentioned the goggles. I have checked both and they
        are leeching. I guess the type of plastic used. I have mine airing out to see if it will stop. One mentioned that if the plastic is leeching, that they will eventually crumble. I hope not.


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          Cots sells some leather jackets.


          Was thinking about getting one for my (100% custom made) Foreign Adventurer.

          Still need the accessory set for my Man of Asia.


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            I f inally acquired the accessory set for the Asian Adventurer. So I'll post another group shot with his accessories before long. Still looking for my Comrade of Action. I'm beginning to think he escaped the compound!


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              I rediscovered the Asian Adventurer accessory set from a year ago! It has been sitting under a pile of purchases from Cotswold still in the package, and now I have it in hand. One day soon hopefully I'll do another photo of my modern Club AT Joes. I've decided I don't have the Comrade of Action anymore. Must have sold him. I'll acquire him again somewhere and then retake the group photo. Wish me luck!


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