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Distance from Gi Joe hobby

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  • Distance from Gi Joe hobby

    I can't remember the last time I bought something, or traded something for a Gi Joe or his gear. I have been so wrapped up in work, and the world situation, that I completely forgot about my old pal. I've been looking around my "study" where I work from home most days, and there are things I bought or organized recently that I only faintly remember buying or sorting, or maybe not at all. I remember stuff for work just fine, and can recite stuff about the world at large on a whim. But distance from Joe has made me forget about some things, and I guess that means I'm really slowing down on the hobby. The last big thing I did was to sort most of the knockoff stuff I have and put it in different bags, according to which manufacturer likely made them. I guess what I'm saying is that the longer you set a hobby down, the less detail you remember. I am sure I'll get back to it once things settle down on the homefront, but for now, Joe is almost a distant memory.
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    Hi Myles_Falworth,

    It was last year that i bought something for my Joe & friends hobby, it was a boxed modern Action Man set for a dirt cheap price in a charity shop. Although i hardly post much these days, my first port of call when turning on my computer each day is to check out the forums, what's left of them, I suppose it's an old habit that's been with me since 2009. I still sleep amongst my Joes and Action Man figures, they are always there staring at me from their storage tubs, even my Action Man Astronaut is still hanging from the ceiling above my bed. I haven't done any photoshoots or comic strips for a few years, so yes my hobby has slowed down a lot and has been on the back burner for a while. My Modern Action Man forum is still in lockdown until the 93-07 generation get that nostalgic feeling like we all had.

    I hope others will return to the hobby soon, and that there is a revival for the old style forum meeting places..

    Best wishes to all members of TTF.
    Fall in A, fall in B, fall in all the company!


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      I'm afraid we're it, amwic. I don't think there are any younger generations that will give a hoot about 12" Joe, other than the children of die-hard JoeHeads (whose stuff they'll inherit anyway). I think JoeHeads are a dying breed. Everything going to social media is helping kill the hobby, too. This forum won't last long. When it goes the way of the dodo, all we'll have is yard sales and Cotswold. Kinda like the mid-1980s all over again, only this time there's no light at the end of the tunnel. Once we had a generation of early Joe kids who were reaching middle age, when folks start having a teeny bit of "disposable income" for hobbies. That was our revival. The Second Golden Age of Joe, when you could go into any department store and find 12" joe on the shelf, and awesome vehicles from 21st Century. Now JoeHeads are getting older, selling off their collections, and moving on. The next collectors will be TeenyJoe, Transformers, and Pokey-man cards. Meh. Time passes and evolution continues. I figure my grandkids will end playing with (and probably destroying) my collection someday. That's fine. So long as they have fun while they're doing it. :-) I'm certainly not expecting a 3rd Golden Age. :-(
      - ATC


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