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    If you had to choose just 6 Joes from your collection to keep and the rest would be forever gone, which 6 would you choose? Would you choose a team of soldiers? Sailors? Marines? Pilots? A mix? All American, or would you select Soldiers of the World? Perhaps a complete Adventure Team?

    That's a hard one. I think I'd have to keep my original, oldest joes -- which would be a mish-mash of themes and eras. Action soldier, Air Adventurer, French Resistance Fighter, Russian soldier, Action Marine, Sea Adventurer (in the order I got 'em as a kid). Although it'd make more sense to keep a squad of soldiers, marines, german infantry, etc. Or an Adventure Team.

    Glad I don't have to make that choice. Now that the kids have all moved out, I have my own Joe Room. :-)

    - ATC
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    I would keep my best:

    1. Land Adventurer
    2. Adventure Team Commander
    3. Air Adventurer
    4. Talking Man of Action
    5. Sea Adventurer
    6. Talking Astronaut

    That is if I could only keep 6.


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      Only six? You're a madman sir!

      I would take one of each, Pilot, Marine, Sailor and Soldier, then the Astronaut and probably the French Resistance fighter. Basic figures with all accessories mind you. (oh and the Frenchie and Marine have to be redheads)
      - Scott
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        Okay, I'll bite. Why must those two be redheads?
        My original French Resistance Fighter was a redhead, but I thought that was an anomaly. I guess Hasbro didn't really pay much attention to hair colors in their international Soldiers of the World series...
        - ATC
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        • GI Defender
          GI Defender commented
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          My original Joe was a red head Marine and in 67 I got the red headed Frenchie. Most of my Marines are red heads, and my frenchie definitely is. Kinda one of my OCD things.
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        For me, It would be Mike Power and my Muscle Body AT(bought both brand new off the shelf waaaaay back when), my Action Marine which is all decked out with back pack, tent, etc., which is my favorite, my German Stormtrooper, which was a Christmas present in the early 80's from my uncle(he wasn't dressed as a German), and I need to finish, my Action Sailor with box and paper work that I bought a few years ago at C2E2, and one of my vintage Action Man figures(I have 4), not sure which one I would pick though.
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          id keep the two painted head and two bearded joes from when my brother and i were kids, my signed medal of honor joe and a green beret which is my fave joe uniform


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