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It might be time, Scott! :-(

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  • It might be time, Scott! :-(

    I know you have wanted to pull the plug on this forum for some time. It might be time. I don't think anyone has posted since I did on 9/22. If that's the most recent post, then it might indicate that we've jumped the shark. 🙁 For those of us who don't use Facebook, it might be the end, unless something starts on a non-nazi platform (like MeWe or Rumble). It was an awesome run for many years, and I hope you and Charlotte are proud of this achievement! On behalf of Joe heads everywhere, thank you for the Trenches!
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    I, unfortunately haven't had anything to post lately. And no threads to post in. Because no one else is posting. I still much prefer this forum over FB. Plus, there doesn't seem to be much
    posting at FB lately. A good guy at two other forums I'm part of has recently passed away, He was a great guy. I'm guessing a lot of us "old time" collectors are getting to that age. If so,
    what's going to happen to our collections?

    I agree with you ATC, The Trenches has been a great forum. But I wonder, is this what has become of our generation? Dying off without anyone to carry the torch?

    I apologize to be a wet blanket, but with Brian's passing I have been saddened with it, and wondering what will become of us and our collections. He was only 7 years older than me.

    He died too young. Age 66. I won't be at my full retirement age until 67. Who knows if I will make it?

    Sorry, I'm just bummed out.


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      I have notice the lack of posts also. I do belong to other message boards(non Joe)that are extremely active, so not everything is on Facebook. I think because of the lack of new 12" Joe products, the RAH Classified Series selling great, alot of the collectors here don't buy RAH Joes, and the many GIJoe Facebook groups being the downfall of this forum. It is a shame, because I have been here since the beginning on AOL. I would post more, but I have been buying Classified Series figures and, like I just mentioned, there aren't many RAH collectors here. If its any consultation, I used to go to the YouJoe.com forums alot and now, those forums are dryed up worst then here. It has been a fun ride.
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        Honestly Dave, I really don't spend a lot of time in the Hobby right now. Fiscal Year just ended and now I can relax for a bit. Waiting on my replacement to return from his deployment and then it is off to retirement #2. There is not too much happening right now due to the Pandemic not wanting to end anytime soon and all the issues it causes. I miss the crazy days we used to have not only here but in the hobby, We are a far cry from the old days for sure.

        This place won't be going anywhere anytime soon, but you never know. Thanks for always being there for us and being a great pal.
        - Scott
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          I haven't done much with the hobby in some time. Even my buying has dried up since Kentuckiana. I'm still hoping to do more joe restorations, but work and other concerns leave me no time or energy. I hope to retire in a Year and a half if all goes well. Maybe then I'll have time.


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            I just retired. I will have more time for Joe's now, but probably not for a little while yet. My JoeHead pursuits are seasonal. During weather that lets me work or play outside, I have much to do! But when I'm socked-in due to bad weather (midsummer or midwinter) at home, I have more time for hobbies. Hopefully I will have some projects going this winter... but until that happens I'm in the doldrums, too.


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              I just moved. And a newish dad. My free time has been next to nil. I haven't even worked on MY forum in ages.


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                i just got back into the trenches forum! lost my password and couldnt get in. tried several times over the years and gave up. was thinking about the trenches, pulled it up tried another series of words and the trenches world opened up.
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                  Welcome back!


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                    thanks! i havent bought anything new to add to my collection because i am maxed out for room and needto unload what i cant display! but….i cant seem to let go of stuff either!!!!


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