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No announcement yet.

It might be time, Scott! :-(

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    I finally remembered my password for here this evening and I also rejoined the FB trenches
    after being off for a few months. Life is certainly different from the AOL trenches and
    the old alt.toys "sandbox". but this still feels like home. One I figure out how to post pics I'll
    post my first Joe acquisition in a few few years.

    Glad to be back!



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      New to me Amazon Tracker, replaces one stolen from me back in 2016. I am a big fan of
      G.I. Joe and Action Man vehicles



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        Great to see you here Jim!

        I have one of those, although I got mine used. At one point here at The Trenches, there was a member looking for one of the side struts, that he had one and I had one.
        He was very much wanting to complete his, and both of us had one strut. Mine was also missing an antenna, I had gotten it used from Australia for not too expensive.
        I sent him the one strut I had, part of the "pass the karma" that was frequent here at the board. I wasn't here long when Sgt. Fink helped me out, which I GREATLY
        appreciated, with the phrase "passing the karma." Since I have tried as much as a I could to do the same.

        I still have my used version, but to get one complete in the box? CONGRATS!

        Nice score. I'm sorry to hear that you had one stolen.
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        • jim
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          TNshooter, it may have been me you sent it to. I don't remember for sure as it has been a few years.

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        I may be wrong, but it appeared to me that The Trenches disappeared from the internet, twice. The second time I assumed it was gone altogether. But today I clicked on a link from an old Flocktastic email and here it is again!

        Glad to be back.

        For those who are buying (collecting) less than before, may I suggest that there is a world of fun in making up custom stuff - often with things you already have. Which is why I was getting in touch with Ray for some new flocks.


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          Hey Guys,
          Glad to see Scott and Charlotte have kept the lights on.
          Not FB fan at all. Hope ya never pull the plug.
          Yup health crap too.(figured you guys where tired of all my posts) Sorry for all of your health crap issues and the loss of some of our GIJoe buddies.
          Still have my collection and goof around with The Garage diorama. I have just been enjoying what I have and appreciate what some of you guys have done to help me out with getting my Vintage Collection grow to a nutty level. I have just recently started re-string some of my worn out Joes.


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            Hi, all! I, too, haven't posted in quite a while. I am no longer an active collector of either Joe or Barbie or any other action figures, and am slowly getting around to letting a lot of things go. I retired a few years ago and don't have anyone to pass stuff down to, so need to thoughtfully divest myself of my collections. The hardest part is pricing.


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              Gee, if you put everything on eBay it will price itself as people bid, right? Won't that automatically determine what stuff is worth? I'm not an ebayer, so I don't really know ( I bought stuff a couple times in the past 10 years, but that's it).

              I'm not sure there *is* a way to accurately price a collection, especially if the collection is composed of a mishmash of figures all wearing a mashup of vintage, repro, cots, CC and TC gear... and vehicles that have been customized or modified. "Pricing" everything in my Joe room would probably take a decade. I'm hanging on to all of it so I can play Joes with my grandkids like I did with my kids. I'm not going to bother selling anything; after I kick off my kids can worry about it and at that point I won't care if they *give* it all away... cuz I'll be dead by then anyway. ;-)
              - ATC


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                It's nice to see folks rediscovering this site. I've been with it for many years, including right when it came back after being hacked. This is still my favorite Gi Joe site and I love posting photos here - even if it takes an extra step from doing the same on FB. At least here, you can find your discussions, and find your photos easily. They also show up full size. I just think BBS are better overall. I know Scott had planned to shut this down, but lately he's decided to keep it going. So here's to a new tomorrow at the Trenches! Welcome back everyone!


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                  Originally posted by GI Defender View Post
                  Well, this place is still here folks so don't kick your dog just yet. Camo, so glad to see you. Was just thinking about you the other day. Sorry for your health issues, after my quadruple by-pass I had to slow down a bit myself. But I am gaining speed.
                  Yeh I'm gaining speed too Defender, but it's because I'm going downhill LOL.


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                    I do wish there was more traffic on here for sure. I refuse to do Facebook, and as a result the forums are my comfort place.
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