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Gi Joe "Family" reunions

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  • Gi Joe "Family" reunions

    Click image for larger version  Name:	s-l1600 (20).jpg Views:	1 Size:	143.0 KB ID:	5850

    Y Click image for larger version  Name:	s-l1600 (18).jpg Views:	2 Size:	186.2 KB ID:	5849
    Click image for larger version  Name:	s-l1600 (19).jpg Views:	2 Size:	103.7 KB ID:	5851

    You all know I like to restore old Gi Joes, as many of you also do. I just got an idea today (amazing I know) to post before and after photos of groups of Gi Joes I bought in lots. So I'll have one with the original photo(s) from the Ebay or FB seller, and then a photo of what the same figure(s) look like now - after restoration and re-outfitting. I've kind of done this in the "Latest Project" thread with individual Joes, but here I want to post groups of Gi Joes I've gotten all at once, and the way they all look now, in a "reunion" shot. Anyone else is more than welcome to join me. Have fun!

    First up will be the bottom row of the top photo in this post. Many of these Joes were reflocked by Ray at Flock Concepts, and the red-head Commander had his voice repaired by Scott Wilde.
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    The AT figures as of today. This set was purchased in June 2019. Click image for larger version

Name:	20230118_175919.jpg
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      The AT guys are looking good Myles! Looks like bulletman needs a medic...


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        I wrote somewhere in here that Bulletman was in an induced coma until he could receive the transplanted arm he needs, and have his limbs reattached. That is still in progress, but I'm happy to report that I now have the tools, and the rivets and kits I need to finish the job. I'll post here when he's completed.


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          Awesome Myles can't wait to see him revived!


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            The top row will have it's group photo taken sometime in July, after Kentuckiana. The talking red PH Joe is out for repairs, and I expect to get him back, and learn what type of Joe he is by then. Some of the Joes in this row have also been sold, such as the Japanese SOTW on the far left, and the two 30th anniversary figures on the far right. Most of the others are still in my collection and will appear in the next photo.


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              The Talking Marine reported for duty a few days ago, and has been issued his fatigues and boots. He and the other members of the top row above, which I call Lot #49 are ready for their photo. The figure on the far left (top photo in the first post) was a SOTW Japanese Infantryman, which I sold, the gummy head Joe to the left of the blonde figure was sold, and the two HOF Joes on the far right were sold. The rest are in the order they appeared in the Ebay ad which I won.

              Click image for larger version  Name:	20230128_014704.jpg Views:	1 Size:	130.9 KB ID:	5876 Enjoy!
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                Interesting to watch the evolution. I confess I chuckled at the restored Navy guy with no boots. I figure he must have had to abandon ship and ditched his boots so he could swim. Or maybe he stole some bacon from the cook and was cast away on a deserted island. Good work, Myles!
                - ATC


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                  Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	2 Size:	141.3 KB ID:	5926

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	 Views:	1 Size:	122.3 KB ID:	5927

                  Here are the next two. This set was owned by two brothers who combined their sets and sold them on Ebay. One of the best sets I ever purchased. I'll find them and post "after" photos soon. Could be this weekend, could be two or three weeks. Stay tuned!


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