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    Squad Leader
    This is the first of, ideally, several. I plan to put together a full squad, which, during Nam, was 8-12 men I believe. So I'm going to have either 9 or 10, which I will be taking some outdoor pics of as the squad fills out.

    This is my Timeless MOA. His military dossier is below. One detail I neglected is his birthplace. It is Honolulu, Hawaii.

    His Gear
    Field Pack, E-Tool (and Cover), Ammo Belt, Pistol (and Holster), Canteen (and Cover), M-16.

    He is dressed in VAM40 fatigues, short black boots, and a homemade do-rag. A rough pattern of which is below if you guys want to make your own.

    As per his characterization, somewhere between Sgt. Barnes from Platoon, and the Sergeant from Tour of Duty. He's farther from Barnes.

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    Excellent post!

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    Agreed! fantastic bashing skills!

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