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  • New Forum Interest?

    I heard in another topic that this forum is slowly going to die due to myriad reasons.

    An idea I have been kicking about since GIJCC shut down was to start my own forum. Now I might put that project on the fast track.

    Nothing special or fancy, just a free one from Wix. Just enough to get the job done.

    Something for (most of) the Joe Heads, organized by the different lines of GI Joe (military, AT, etc.), with places for repair and buying/selling/trading.

    I don't know when I'll get it done, but I'll start working on it soon, and post updates here when I can.

    I hope I'm not stepping on any toes by putting this here.

    Who here would be interested in my refugee forum? Drop a comment below and PM me some basic contact info so I can let you know when it's done if this forum goes down before then.

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    Today I read on facebook, an old member of this forum had joined the FB version. Scott made this comment:

    "The Trenches Discussion Forum is still active for the time being but we are close to making the 100% switch to here. As much as I like the old digs, it is not cost effective to keep it running. Ironically, the folks that post there the most are also active here so we would only stand to lose a few of our members who choose not to be on the book of faces."

    It would have been nice if the word "unfortunately" had been used when saying a few members would be lost.

    And what is worse, the Facebook Trenches page is nothing exciting. Not like this forum used to be.

    If you make a new forum, I will be there. I'm thinking of shutting down my facebook account and not worrying about The Trenches anymore. It has gone downhill since they moved to FB.

    Count me in as a member of your forum, if you will have me.

    I spend most of my time at AMMO these days. It's what this forum used to be.

    By the way, will this forum include modern Joes like the HOF and the Classic Collection? And will other 1/6 scale figures be welcome?

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      Also, if this forum is closed before Action Yankee gets his going, everyone is welcome at https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/fuzzheadquarters/
      If you are a member at MWD you can log in there no problem, as I'm under the impression that MWD is also on Tapatalk.
      Fuzzheadquarters (FHQ) was started as mainly a board for the Adventure Team, but all types of 1/6 scale figures are discussed there.


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        Man its been ages since I've been on FHQ.


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          Which I read as "If they don't come here, screw them." Whoa, Nellie! Very unfair. Scott and Char have gone to great lengths to make the trenches what it has been for many years. They rescued the hobby site from the sinking Sandbox years ago, and have spent an inordinate amount of their own time, energy, effort, and money, making the trenches run for the benefit of all of us. A "thank you" to them seems insufficient. They really are heroes among the ranks of Joe heads. can't blame them for wanting to shift away from the forum and into facebook, because everybody seems to go that direction. When the cost of maintaining a forum site goes through the roof because of hackers, and having to repeatedly rebuild the site, and no contributions from the users, it's the only sensible thing to do! Hats off to Scott and Char for all of their hard work and long-standing dedication to all of us and the hobby in general. I will be sad to see the trenches go, and I don't use facebook, so it's the end of the road for me. But it's hard to argue with a solid business decision! I will not move to facebook, in fact last week I deleted all my Facebook accounts forever. If another forum pops up I'll drop in, but social media (Facebook Twitter etc) is not my bag.


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            I hear you ATC. Perhaps my words were harsh, they have kept The Trenches going for a long time. And I understand the business decision and the costs. I guess the comment just hit me the wrong way.

            Why won't they take donations from members? I have donated at FHQ before. I would think that members would be willing to pitch in for such a great forum.

            You said yourself that you won't do facebook. I only joined FB a year ago, for the sole purpose of seeing what was going on at The Trenches, since everyone has gone there. I don't like it as much as this forum.
            It just doesn't seem to have the activity that this site used to have. I've been thinking of deleting my account. I had someone attack me there out of the blue, that never happened here. And that guy I had
            never seen post before, and haven't since.

            Yes, Scott and Charlotte have done a lot for this hobby. So I guess my comment was unfair. I apologize if I have offended anyone.


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              I'll tag along. The Trenches is my home away from home. Even though I belong to the Trenches Facebook group, I still enjoy coming here. So, I will check it out.
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                I will be there too ActionYankee, I will miss this forum greatly, and the way it allows posting of pictures, and the BBS format with it's advantages. Yes, please notify me. Do you want contact info PM'd to you?


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                  Yes please, drop whatever contact info you're willing to share in a PM and I'll send something your way when the forum is done (or done enough).


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                    Feb 2 Updates:

                    Before Sat. evening, I was able to pick out a Wix forum template I liked, and adjusted the format and layout to suit my idea of what the forum should be.

                    I have also replaced most of the 'sample' text with what I need it to say.

                    I have adjusted the colour scheme a bit.

                    Now, my wife did go into labor on Sat. and gave birth to our first on Sun. So the goings will be slow for a bit, but I will make adjustments when time allows.

                    To Do:
                    Finalize layout
                    Finalize Font choice(s)
                    Continue playing with colour scheme
                    Take photos for forum headers

                    This list may change, but it's what I identify as what needs to get done to be 'done enough to open.'
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                      Action Yankee,

                      Your wife gave birth to your first child? Congratulations!!



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                        I typed up a few of the rules today. And added the last of the categories.

                        I think I might skip the header photos until summer. Rowan will be older then, and I *may* have a little more time.


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                          What is your forum called? And when do you think you will be up for business?


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                            "The Outpost."

                            I have no idea when it'll be open, as I have a newborn.

                            I want to at least finish typing the rules and evening the color palatte before opening, though. The other stuff can wait for a bit.


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                              I understand, a newborn takes a lot of attention on your part.

                              The Outpost is a cool name.

                              I was just curious.

                              In the meantime, I will PM you with my contact info, so you can let me know.


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