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Memorial Day 2021

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  • Memorial Day 2021

    Happy Memorial Day everyone! I just wanted to leave a thought for the many veterans who have served, and especially those who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. Today I saw two men from the VFW collecting donations at a street corner in our town. One carried a US Army flag, and the other carried a US Marine Corps flag. We drove by, stopped, and gave one of them all of our cash. It felt good to be able to easily support such a great organization, even though I am not eligible to join. I also received a classic collection GI Joe from the Desert Storm era, complete with "chocolate chip" fatigues - like we wore when I was still in the service. I also bought a DVD this weekend of the film "The Last Full Measure" which I've never seen before. However you celebrate the weekend, remember our veterans, living and fallen. God bless you!
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    Hey Myles,

    If you are a veteran, why can't you join the VFW? There are at least two chapters where I live, and I have seen young men who served in the Middle East who are members.

    I deeply honor those who have served. I've met young men who have received the purple heart when I was working at the paper. And I've met men who served during WWII.

    Here, there is a company that pays for veterans to fly to the war memorials in DC. It's called Honor Air. When the veterans return, there are hundreds of people to welcome
    them as they return. It's quite a gathering, basically filling the airport.

    I honor and remember the veterans.

    You have started a great post. I didn't know you were a veteran. Thank you for your service!



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      I've never served on a combat zone. That, I believe is a requirement. I could join the American Legion. I just never have gotten around to doing it.


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        As far as I'm concerned, anyone who has been in the military is a veteran, and should have all privileges due to them.

        Whether combat zone or not, all people in the military have served our country. And I honor all of them. There have been
        many who have had support roles in conflicts the US has been a part of. I have a friend who was an airplane mechanic
        in the Air Force for some years, and has been stationed at many places around the world. He wasn't in a combat zone
        but he kept refueling planes flying for those who were. His work was no less important than any others. Fighter pilots can't fly
        without fuel, and the refueling planes can't fly without maintenance and repairs.

        I hope you have a great weekend!


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          I understand. I do not begrudge the VFW their membership standards. It is a group just for veterans of combat zones, and I'm fine with that. There are many other groups open to all veterans - the largest being the American Legion. I'm with you on the value of service of ALL veterans however. In my view, anyone who ever signed on the dotted line of a commission or an enlistment contract, and raised their hand taking the oath of office - is automatically an honored and revered veteran. I once met a man my parents befriended, who was living in his car with his dog and his teenaged son. This man was an alcoholic, and had lost everything but his son, dog and car. He was reforming however. His name is John. We donated clothing and other necessities to them, and took care of the dog for a time, when the police said he couldn't be kept where John was staying at the time. I found out in conversation one day, that John had joined the Army way back in the 1970's, but had not made it through boot camp. He had served about 6 months total. I made some inquiries, and found that he still qualified for many VA benefits. So he was able to sign up for the VA, and was able to go to support groups, and other social functions for veterans. I'm convinced it helped a great deal in his eventual recovery, and his ability finally to remarry, and to have a home once again. God bless all of our veterans.


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            That is an inspiring story. I hate it when I hear of veterans that don't have homes or are living on the streets. I think our country should take care of them. Many are that way due to PTSD. It's not their fault. If they are good enough to serve our country then the
            government should be good enough to help them. That's my two cents.

            I didn't know that the VFW was only open to those in the combat zone. I learned a bit today. Can't say I agree with that, but it is what it is, I suppose.

            Any way, I hope you have a great weekend!


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              Originally posted by Myles_Falworth View Post
              I've never served on a combat zone. That, I believe is a requirement. I could join the American Legion. I just never have gotten around to doing it.
              VFW is tailored to "foreign wars" while the American Legion is for all veterans, even those who haven't "seen the elephant." I'm a member of both. Both organizations do good things for veterans and lobby congress to preserve things like the VA disability program, GI Bill, veteran's hospitals, help for gold star families, etc. Figured if I join BOTH then I get twice the lobbying power! It's almost like voting twice. I live in IL, and we DO that here; we vote even MORE often after we're dead. Yay, Illinois! ;-)
              - ATC


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                Please take (at least) a moment tomorrow to say a prayer for all those families whose veterans have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. It sounds trite, but freedom isn't free... it costs the lives of patriots who gave their all to protect the liberties of our great nation. God Bless America!
                - ATC


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                  Amen ATC.

                  I don't think it sounds trite at all.


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