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  • My "Wants" List

    I really enjoy trading - especially with fellow Trenchers. It's a great way to fill out your collection, and help someone else complete theirs. I know many of you have everything you are looking for, but ask me. I've put together a pretty large inventory of vintage stuff, and the right offer will get me to let go of some things. Try me. Here's what I'm looking for. If you have any of these things, then perhaps we can make a deal. Preferably trade - but I am willing to purchase too.

    Gi Joe Collector's Club Man of the Sea uniform set.
    Gi Joe Collector's Club Man of Asia uniform set.
    Gi Joe Collector's Club Comrade of Action uniform set.
    "As Seen on TV" B/W Gi Joe Action Sailor
    "As Seen on TV" B/W Gi Joe Action Pilot
    Action Sailor blue shirts.
    US Navy Life Ring
    Vintage dog tags
    AT holsters & lebel revolvers
    Whip antenna for Troubleshooter vehicle.
    2 small antennas for Troubleshooter
    Rubber vulture for Fate of the Troubleshooter
    Rubber snake for Adventure Team Training Center
    Annapolis Cadet: Hat, belt and sword (I have the scabbard already).
    Mouth of Doom: #1 and #2 short brown boots.
    Also the pole - if vintage.
    Green Beret camo ascot
    Tank Commander Helmet & Goggles
    Black battery and antennae for the Magnetic Flaw Detector.
    AT vinyl life jacket (with all loops and brass eyes) for Fantastic Freefall.
    radioactive stone and the container and lid from "Radiation Detection"
    Coins and map for "Eight Ropes of Danger"
    Red wristband for "High Voltage Escape"
    Good metal ridge pole for the green & orange AT tent. (longest pole in set)
    Grey and brown dogs from Fight for survival (with harnesses) (can be vintage or repro)
    AT Fight for Survival blue parka and orange pants.
    Fight for Survival blue backpack
    Orange crate marked "Arctic Expedition"
    Several parts for the Russian Infantryman, need Hat, lid for ammo box, round magazine and tripod for machine gun, and medal.
    French resistance. Need Croix de Guerre medal
    Japanese Infantry SOTW - need nambu pistol and holster, bayonet, and medal
    AT Training Center: need 1 straight plastic pole for tarp
    Deep Freeze fur coat
    Karate belts (need red belt)
    1 keel (blue daggerboard, rudder, whatever you call it) for Underwater Explorer
    1 keel (black daggerboard) for Jaws of Death vehicle
    Yellow chest and silver metal detector from "Buried Bounty"

    NEW!! "HAVES" List (may need to be updated)

    Here are some of the types of things I have for trade. Most have some wear. I'm happy to send photos of condition.

    I have lots of other stuff too. If you're looking for something, let me know. I might have it if it's vintage.

    GIJCC: Complete GI Joe Collector's Club "Foreign Adventurer" set

    Mike Power: The Atomic Man, complete.
    Undersea Sled (needs good cleaning)
    AT tents
    AT Laser Rescue parts and helmet
    Sonic Rock Blaster parts and mask
    Thermal Terrain Scanner - missing batteries and cross-hair film DOES include door.
    Rubber snakes from Search for the Stolen Idol
    Idol from "Search"
    Rubber sharks from Danger of the Depths
    Rubber alligator from Mouth of Doom
    Pygmy gorilla camera
    Eight Ropes of Danger metal shoes, weight belt, helmet parts, canvas diving suit
    Silver map case & map
    Black Lebel pistols
    Black rafts and black oars (Mission to Spy Island)
    Safari helmets from Mummy's Tomb
    Rescue Raft green backpack & lid w/ compass
    White Tiger Hunt cages, campfires & uniforms (including hat)
    Rubber Octopus
    Capture of Pygmy Gorilla struts and pontoons
    Complete AT Jungle Survival set
    Secret Agent coat
    Secret Agent bulletproof vest
    Secret Agent Mask
    Secret Agent briefcase (with some parts)
    Karate brick & stand
    Dangerous removal apron, tongs, black swivel box and face shield
    Aerial Reconnaissance jumpsuit
    Dangerous Climb jumpsuit
    Volcano Jumper jumpsuit
    Desert Survival Shirt
    Jungle Ordeal jumpsuit
    Copter Rescue jumpsuit
    Hurricane Spotter jacket and pants, belt, and some instruments
    Radiation Detection jumpsuit
    High Voltage Escape tongs, face shield, harness, sign and mesh suit
    Fire Fighting action pack
    Escape Car parts
    Signal Flasher parts
    Helicopter parts (various)
    Dangerous Mission shirt and pants
    Fight for Survival brown shirt and pants
    Sample Analyzer (blue main part and 1 or two clear vials)
    Space Suits (various)
    Mike Power shirts and shorts

    Snow Troops jacket & Pants
    Snow Troops helmets (sticker either missing or damaged)
    Snow Troops ski-poles
    Snow Troops snow-shoes
    Snow Troops skis (complete)
    Snow Troops backpacks
    Bazooka (have 2 - each have no breaks or cracks on the outside - the firing handle has one peg broken off. But both still fire. Peg can be replaced.
    Mess kits
    Action Sailor dungaree pants
    Black boots
    Crash Crew shirts and pants
    Action Soldier beachhead assault field packs
    Action Marine ponchos
    cameras w/ elastic strap
    Demolition (Marine) complete
    Jeep parts (a few)
    Sten guns (repro)
    Black flippers
    Orange Kapock Life Jackets
    Crash Crew toolbelt (complete)
    Gi Joe sleeping bags
    Sailor hats
    Rafts and oars (wood tone)
    .30 cal Machine guns (complete)
    Tan field telephone
    Mae West life vest (fighter pilot) - missing one button and one hook

    SOTW British Commando pants and jacket (jacket is missing chevrons).
    SOTW Russian Soldier pants and jacket (jacket has small 1/4" cut on front right breast. Not easily visible.
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    I have an orange pack and chute skydive to danger, black karate belt, blue backpack for fight for survival,

    I am looking for plastic tent poles for solid orange tent, one grey glove from Shocking Escape, 2 black rubber plugs for the yellow underwater sled from Danger of the Depths. If you dont have any of those things feel free to make me an offer. I will post pics when I get home from work tonight.


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      I only have plastic poles for the AT Training Center. I don't think they're what you're looking for. I'm willing to purchase, unless there are other things you would take in trade. I'll send an offer (assuming no trade) in your PM. Let me know if you didn't get it. Thanks!


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        List updated. Now includes items I have for trade. If you see something you want, PM me and I'll send photos. Some items are minty, and some well played with.


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          List updated. See my "Haves" section - scroll down!


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