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My "Wants" List

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  • My "Wants" List

    I really enjoy trading - especially with fellow Trenchers. It's a great way to fill out your collection, and help someone else complete theirs. I know many of you have everything you are looking for, but ask me. I've put together a pretty large inventory of vintage stuff, and the right offer will get me to let go of some things. Try me. Here's what I'm looking for. If you have any of these things, then perhaps we can make a deal. Preferably trade - but I am willing to purchase too.

    Rubber vulture for AT sets.
    Gi Joe Collector's Club Comrade of Action uniform set.
    Vintage dog tags
    AT holsters & Lebel revolvers
    Whip antenna for Troubleshooter vehicle.
    2 small antennas for Troubleshooter
    Annapolis Cadet: Hat, belt and sword (I have the scabbard already).
    Mouth of Doom: #1 and #2 short brown boots.
    Also the pole - if vintage.
    Tank Commander Helmet - need the microphone only. But willing to trade for or purchase a complete helmet.
    Magnetic Flaw Detector - need antennae.
    Coins and map for "Eight Ropes of Danger"
    Red wristband for "High Voltage Escape"
    Orange crate marked "Arctic Expedition"
    Russian SOTW Infantryman, need Hat, round magazine and tripod for machine gun, and Order of Lenin medal.
    Deep Freeze fur coat
    Karate belts (need red belt)
    1 keel (blue daggerboard, rudder, whatever you call it) for Underwater Explorer. But willing to trade for or purchase a junk vehicle - if the part I need is intact.
    1 keel (black daggerboard) for Jaws of Death vehicle. But willing to trade for or purchase a junk vehicle - if the part I need is intact.
    Yellow chest and silver metal detector from "Buried Bounty"
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    I have an orange pack and chute skydive to danger, black karate belt, blue backpack for fight for survival,

    I am looking for plastic tent poles for solid orange tent, one grey glove from Shocking Escape, 2 black rubber plugs for the yellow underwater sled from Danger of the Depths. If you dont have any of those things feel free to make me an offer. I will post pics when I get home from work tonight.


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      I only have plastic poles for the AT Training Center. I don't think they're what you're looking for. I'm willing to purchase, unless there are other things you would take in trade. I'll send an offer (assuming no trade) in your PM. Let me know if you didn't get it. Thanks!


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        List updated. Now includes items I have for trade. If you see something you want, PM me and I'll send photos. Some items are minty, and some well played with.


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          List updated. See my "Haves" section - scroll down!


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            I have a Man of the Sea outfit still in the plastic baggie if you are still looking for one


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              Ratsix, I am still looking for one. Let me know if you want to trade. I'll send you a PM and you can return it here or on by facebook.


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                I knocked 5 more items off of my "wants" list this week. Making progress on some of my sets, and have completed at least two others this week. Not bad.


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                  Added new items and updated list.


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                    Updated list tonight. Still looking for trades.


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