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    Everything is plus shipping.

    I'm looking for early brass rivet GiJoes, and will trade anything below for those. Also looking for Colorforms Aliens Outer Space Men, and any weapons for them.

    Colorform Alien, Outer Space Men Electron+ The Man from Pluto

    This is a reproduction helmet and gun. These are made extremely well and look very very close to the originals.

    The Electron+ figure is not included!

    $65 shipped for both the helmet and gun.

    I got this cowboy set on a vintage GiJoe recently. It fits 12", but I can't seem to place what it came from.

    Get everything for $10 shipped

    Captain Action Spiderman, starter set...

    Suit has several pulls and some fraying. The left sleeve has a mom stitch job it looks like.

    Both boots have splits and the mask has little splits on each side and a couple of dark spots on the mask.


    Captain Action Spiderman, all vintage

    Buy everything below related below for $220 shipped, or individual prices below

    Suit, displays nice, great color, has a few pulls in it. $60
    Mask, great color, nice and pliable, small splits. $50
    Belt, nice, very pliable $40
    Boots, display well, one split on the bottom, $40
    Spider flashlight, looks good, hook is partially missing. $30
    Spider web tank, some paint wear, $22
    Captain Action, missing forearms, first issue, $20

    Dr. Evil medallion X2

    Two medallions, with one original chain. Take your time and you can put one together out of two.


    C/A Sgt. Fury Mask(non beard, non mustache variation) could use a clean
    Sgt. Fury bandolier (part of clip is missing, still pliable)

    $35 for both

    C/A Aquaman knife and flippers. Minor paint wear.

    $35 all

    C/A+ lot... All for $45
    Gabriel Lone Ranger hat and holster(hat is dirty)
    Superman mask, splits and needs a clean
    Superman boots, no splits
    Silver jet pack boots, splits

    Partial Action Boy Superboy chem lab


    Action Boy Robin boots, very nice no splits


    Vintage Dr. Evil, missing left hand, includes Dr. Tracy mask(mask is very nice). $40

    Original shirt and pants, need cleaned and has some splits. Weird kid owned him I guess. There's masking tape on pelvis, forearms and lower legs/feet. Looks like it will all come off.

    Original GiJoe coffin boxes.

    Man of Action, no bottom $35
    Action Marine, (r) circle R marked, includes bottom. SOLD
    Talking Soldier, no bottom. $60

    No busted corners on any of these, expect usual wear.

    Captain Action Items:

    Jetpack is sold
    Flash gun, $10
    Flash propellant wand, small melt $15
    Buck Rogers gun, missing little tab, $18
    Superboy lab set, $30
    Dr. Evil Hypogun, $20
    Dr. Evil helmet, $50
    Dr. Evil Dr. Ling mask $50
    Dr. Evil lab coat, needs a clean, $60

    Henshin Cyborg Shonen "Boy" Cyborg.

    $95 for everything you see below plus shipping, ball is detached

    Green Beret jacket and tanker radio.

    Jacket could use a clean, but nice aside from that. $10 + ship
    Tanker Radio, SOLD

    Vintage Captain Action Dr. Evil with Playing Mantis shirt and pants. $50

    Vintage 1973 Takara Henshin Cyborg INAZUMAN. SOLD

    1979 Kenner Alien. All original, no reproduction parts and is complete. I did restring the arms because those were loose. The dome has a small hairline crack on the back. $245

    Vintage Henshin Cyborg Android. Includes box and insert, box has seen better days. The Android is in nice shape. $125

    McFarlane Monster's Series, Frankenstein $10

    Vintage Ideal Captain Action Phantom Set

    Body suit and boots are good
    Cowl and mask have a little paint wear
    Tip of knife broken
    Rifle has some wear
    Belt is pliable and has a little paint wear
    The pistol is the variation revolver(rather than the .45), and has some melts from sitting in the holster.

    Phantom parts, $20

    Action Boy Space suit parts. Silver is nice, emblem is a paper copy. Right sleeve is messed up some. $45

    Action Boy Beret X2 and boot. SOLD

    Superman, Batman and Lone Ranger, buy all for $38, one Lone Ranger mask is sold

    Jet Pack helmet and boots, boots have splits. $20
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    PM sent


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      Marked some stuff sold
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        Danny, still looking for Kryptonite rock, belt and the restraints to complete my Superman if you run across them
        - Scott
        PH and Proud
        Bulletmann - Hyatta
        See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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          Originally posted by GI Defender View Post
          Danny, still looking for Kryptonite rock, belt and the restraints to complete my Superman if you run across them
          I'll keep my eyes open!


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            Added some more items.


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              Added a vintage Captain Action Spiderman set


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                Made some updates


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                  Marked some stuff sold and added some updates.


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                    Added a bunch of Captain Action stuff.


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                      Added some stuff and marked some stuff sold.


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