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Why is the gijoe club closing ?

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  • Why is the gijoe club closing ?

    I heard they was closing down the club but never heard exactly why? Does Brian not want to do it anymore? Will someone else pick it up and do it?

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    Because Hasbro's a bunch of A-List Phallic-wads with no desire to try and save the toy that catapulted them into the big toy behemoth that they are now.

    Although, Hasbro's license to FunPub ran out in 2016, but granted FunPub a 2 year extension, which leaves us here.

    I dunno, I've taken to calling them Hasblo.


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      As of this moment, I don't think there is a plan for anyone else to get a license for a Club.

      From what I've heard, Hasbro wants everything back under their roof (GI Joe, Transformers, MLP, etc.) so they can have an uber-convention where they can use, mistreat, and kill all their brands.

      Hope GI Joe gets a table at Has-Con.


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        It is no surprise that GI Joe as a product died several years ago. Hasbro scaled back their production they refocused the branding. We may never see another new Joe in a store until the next movie comes out. . .

        Brian's licenses for both GI Joe and Transformers was ending and the Big H decided to not renew and to hold their all inclusive HasCon. They have had one so far and it supposedly was nice but was not Joe Specific. Most likely a cost cutting measure by the company.

        As for a Official Club, I am sad to say it most likely will end next year. Brian has a year to liquidate product. After that, who knows.

        In the mean time, I would think that collectors will form their own meet ups and satellite clubs or groups. Atlanta has one of the strongest groups of collectors I have ever seen. San Antonio back in the day had a strong group too. My area has a whopping 3 collectors I know about. But we will make do.

        I would not go as far as to wish ill will against Hasbro. Even though they have ended their GI Joe product, they still produced the most awesome toy ever. Pointing fingers and cursing that will not change the path they have chosen.

        With that, keep an eye on Cotswold's catalogs when they arrive in the mail. Palitoy, Geyperman is still there, also the muscle body is avaialble as well as repair parts and pieces to restore your Joes.
        - Scott
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          Hasbro gave up GI JOE, and Mattel has taken away all of the Marvel figures, along with Star Wars.Add to that the kids aren't interested in action figures any more. The play video games. Same factors affecting Hasbro are what cause TRU to close it's stores...


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            Marty Abrams must think differently. He has restarted Mego Corp, and they are about to announce a new line of retail mass market figures.


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              A fully-articulated 12-inch version of the Action Jackson line would be pretty cool!


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