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Collecting Goals 2018

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  • Collecting Goals 2018

    In the former Trenches forums, there was an annual thread asking each collector to list their goals in collecting Gi Joe for the coming year. We're well into 2018, however there isn't a thread in the new forum yet, so I thought I'd start one.

    My own goals are to find a good AT Astronaut (non-talking), a good AT Headquarters (with working door), and some other original AT set (White Tiger Hunt, Search for the Stolen Idol, Mummy's Tomb, etc.).
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    Going to be difficult to capture what I have for a goal for the next 6 months. Especially since I just got back from my first show of the year.

    Goal I have already achieved, getting the set of the As Seen on TV Joes.

    Another goal was to teach myself how to fix a talking mechanism which I still struggle with.

    Finding MB rubber slinged rifles is on my radar as well as picking up Joes I can restore for a good price.

    Finally picking up some more of Ricky Puckett's trunk Joes.
    - Scott
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      So far, for me, this year has been up and down. First, I got a new job, because my last one got too toxic and was affecting my personal life in a very negative way, and has become even worse since I left. I am now in a much happier place in my life with a much better job, even though I had to take a pay cut. I am getting back into drawing, playing video games, and reading comics again(got out of these because of the job). Next step, is our good friend Joe. I'm gonna keep working on completing and restoring my 3 3/4" Joe collection, and restring a second vintage 12" Joe(just the arms this time) and repaint his head. I will post pictures of what he looks like now and explain how I got him and then pictures of the finished restoration. Another project is completing a vintage German Stormtrooper, which I was able to restring, with Scott's help(thanks again) back in december, which was a childhood Joe, so this is a special project, even though he wasn't a german when I got him. That's about it for now. Like I said I'm in a much happier place now then I was 3 months ago, so I just need to get back on the wagon.
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        My goals for the remainder of 2018 are:

        1) Continue to liquidate most of my modern 12" Joe collection and my entire 3.75" Joe collection
        2) Complete some vintage sets and possibly acquire a few more (all at reasonable prices)
        3) Find the elusive Convention exclusive yellow AT gas cans - if you have 'em and want to sell let me know!

        "Only GI Joe is GI Joe"


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          It's funny, my goals have been changing all year. I went through my entire modern collection tonight, and found I'm not attached to any of it. I like certain pieces, especially the ones which are exact replicas of the original vintage, but I almost think that the vintage Adventure Team I've been accumulating has taken over completely in my mind. Knowing that these really are the Joes of my childhood, the ones I could have had if my folks had shelled out more for them. That is much more important to me than near-replicas of the Adventure Team. I am now thinking that, while I will likely keep one copy each of my Club AT, that I will be selling off the second copies, and most of my other Club exclusives to help fund more vintage purchases. So now liquidating much of my modern collection is also one of my goals. I'll have to decide whether to sell them here or on evil-bay. Who would've thought? I started as a purely modern collector 18 years ago. I never thought I would become a vintage collector. Never say never I guess.


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            I currently have two figures I'd like to find, but for the right price. First is the elusive 21st Centuary Beat Cop. Second, is the Action Man 40th LRDG. I kick myself for not buying back in the day.

            I have three or is it four custom vehicles laying around in prices. They are either awaiting paint or decals before assembly.

            I have mountains of stuff to dig through sort and decide to keep or sell.


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              To Myles and GIJoe63, please let me know where you are selling your modern items and I will try to take them off of your hands. To AR, let me check in my containers. I might have a blister card 21st Century Cop to spare. The boxed beat cop was hard to find.


              • gijoe63
                gijoe63 commented
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                Check your in box, I sent you an email.
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              Just 10 days after my post above, my 21st century Beat Cop shows up. Found one lose complete on the bay.


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                I want to try and finish my "4 vintage Joes, 4 services, 4 hair colors" set, but I money is my biggest issue.

                (Brunette soldier, Redhead Sailor, Blonde Pilot, just need that pesky black-haired Marine)


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                  Well, I'm just sort of getting back into the swing of things. Mt dad passed away and I'm faced with the question a lot of us face: What am I gonna do with the GI Joes I got stashed at my parents house? All all the other stuff that comes with them??

                  Yeah, I'm looking to move some stuff, like AT HQs, ATVs, AT IIs and stuff like that. I'll keep a few guys for the memories.


                  • Myles_Falworth
                    Myles_Falworth commented
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                    Have you been on "The Trenches" for long? If so, please excuse this suggestion. If you've never been a collector of Gi Joe - and I mean like since 1998 or so, You might want to go through everything in the comfort of your own home, and at your leisure. You may very well find that you want to keep.... and even grow your collection. Many here began their collecting days with a small personal collection recovered from the folk's attic or basement. You may regret selling someday if you part with what you already have. Especially if you were a kid when you acquired those things. Just my 2 cents.
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                  Myles_Falworth: I agree with you, except I don’t have a place to keep now of it. I was lucky to have this as a kid, so I figure if I can pass it on to someone else that will enjoy it in their collection, that would be a win/win for both parties.


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                    Monsoon, I would suggest you start a separate thread with the items you wish to sell, or questions about specific sets so you can check completeness. Judging from what you have posted, I suspect you are not well versed in vintage and folks will most definitely key on that. You are welcome to ask questions and post items for sale, but taggin into an existing thread is not the way to do it.

                    Last thoughts, post pics. Visual images are what sells. Be prepared for tough questions. (Collectors here have been doing it a long time and know what they want and what to look for.) Know realistic pricing. Lastly, if you have questions about specific folks inquiring about your items, drop me a PM. We here have vetted a lot of folks during trades and sales. Glad you are keeping some of the items that were your father's, I would hope my kids would do the same for me.
                    - Scott
                    PH and Proud
                    Bulletmann - Hyatta
                    See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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