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My Birthday Haul

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  • My Birthday Haul

    This weekend, I managed to get together with my parents and grandparents, and opened my gifts from them.

    Accessories for the B&W Soldier
    The uniform and box that accompanies the black and white soldier from the club. (comparison pictures towards the end)

    Stunning set, nailed the B&W in my opinion. It's almost surreal. Love the box too. Only thing, is whomever's doing paint applications on the M-1, they missed putting silver paint on the part of the operating rod that sticks out (that little nub on the right hand side), but I noticed this on the VAM50 Ski Patrol set too.

    FAO Schwarz Exclusive Timeless Collection Green Beret
    Been hunting one of these for a while.

    More details on this later.

    Saving Khe Sanh
    This is a Classic Collection piece, and I neglected to get a "in-package" shot before opening, dammit.

    It came with bug repellent (or possibly gun oil) which I have fit into the helmet band, just like in Nam. Also has a great painted detail on the radio, which faced towards the backing card, so it was a total surprise to me.

    When combined...
    My new Green Beret can save Khe Sanh.

    The Green Beret figure has a nice look about him, and black hair to boot. I don't have to many of those.

    The cloth beret. To me, in 1/6 scale they seldom look good. After some fiddling this one can look decent.

    Compared to my other Green Beret set
    The color difference is the most glaring. New guy looks a little sun-faded. There's also minor differences in how the uniform is constructed. Then there's an H-harness, something Joe never had in his original run.

    In terms of faithfulness to the original, it's kind of a shot in the dark. Cloth Beret (which I will probably donate to Action man, and use the beret from the other Timeless GB set), different M16, H-Harness, small pistol, strange canteen. His Scarf is also very strange, appearing more like a camo tee shirt when under the jacket.

    But in terms of accuracy to real-life Vietnam era Special Forces, it's pretty good. M16s were made out of metal and plastic for the most part. Seldom were wooden stocks used. And even then, the triangular hand guard was wooden too. The canteen is more appropriate for Nam era, and the Harness was something that every soldier wore. His belt is green, I think. Far closer than the original color.

    All in all, it's still a superb set. Let's go out on patrol.

    What's this?


    Joe are you OK?
    Yea yea, kill this thing, it's dissolving my boots.

    Alright, have you out of there in no time flat.
    Just don't hit my feet.
    Try not to.


    You good?

    Yea I'm good.

    Well, we may have a problem.

    The Mutant Plants
    I think I read somewhere that they were a MAM piece. It was re-purposed for the 2007 Joe Con set "Terror on the Sea Floor." Then later in 2010 with the 3 3/4" Adventure Team figures (which made the plant arguably more terrifying).

    It's got these nifty grabbies. Perhaps for dragging in prey, or securing struggling prey.

    It opens, like a clam-shell.

    Step on the AT Symbol, and you're going to have a bad time of it.

    Almost as bad a time as I will if Miss AY finds out there's four of them (Mom got the set for 15 USD, Club's blowout sale).

    Back to the B&W Joe. I set up another Joe in the same stuff. Everything lines up pretty well.

    Taking a difference in lighting into account, and 50 year old stuff on the full-color guy, I'd say it's pretty close. I'm extremely happy with the set.

    I also got a Cotwold Gift Card, and an Ebay gift card. So I'll be able to get some stuff through those channels too.
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    Very cool pics! Great work!!!


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      Great photos! Nice figures too!


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        Here's what I bought with the eBay gift card:

        And here's what I got with the Cots Gift Card:

        The Tan suit will probably end up on my MOA a lot of the time, it should go nicely with his brown "Secret Agent" Trench coat. The Black one will probably go on the Geyperman a friend on another forum is sending me.

        A la
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            Cool, thanks for the review and pics of the Green Beret set. Wonder why the beret has no emblem?


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              Perhaps they didn't want to adhere a sticker to it? I dunno.


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                My Cots Order came today. Took some pics. Most of the gear was bought with an AMMO group order in mind, but that hasn't happened yet, so I just put everything together with some other stuff, and took some pics.


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                  Great birthday haul Ian! and some amazing outdoor photos too!


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                    I really like that shot of him surreptitiously pulling the knife out of the scabbard


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