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Talker mechanism types

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  • Talker mechanism types

    I took apart old talkers from the junk box. You can see on the left what appears to be an older talk box. On the right is what appears to be a newer style. Weird! I didn't realize there were any variations, or generations of talk boxes between the pull string and electronic types! Anybody got INTEL on these?
    Broken old style talk box in front, newer version (?) at rear.
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    Wait until you run across one that is rainbow colored! (The do exist) I think later in the AT run when they molded the parts they just used whatever plastic that was loaded n the hopper, since the talk box is not seen. Earlier ones are olive drab for the most part.

    Talk boxes on figures:

    SOLDIER (also used for MOA)
    ASTRONAUT (same unit for PH and Flocked version)

    The two versions of the Talking Commander different phrases;

    Original Phrases:

    I've got a tough assignment for you!
    The Adventure Team is needed in Africa!
    Mission Accomplished, Good work men!
    Set up team headquarters here!
    Contact Adventure Team Headquarters right away!
    This is going to be rough, can you handle it?
    We must get there before dawn, follow me!
    The Adventure Team has the situation controlled!

    Muscle Body Phrases:

    One for all and All for one!
    This calls for the Kung Fu Grip!
    Lets take the helicopter!
    Welcome to the Adventure Team!
    Thats Team Work!
    Trouble is our business!
    Troubleshooter is needed!
    C'mon the Adventure Team is needed!

    - Scott
    PH and Proud
    Bulletmann - Hyatta
    See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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      Rainbow colored? I have a new Holy Grail!!!


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        Are the muscle body talkers like the vintage Action Man talkers? I have a vintage Action Man that I need to get the talker box to work. But I don't know anyone that works on them.



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          Old timer collector here from the SGT Zangs chat days, but new to the group. Seen quite a few combos over the years and grabbed the first loose one I could find. Two-tone blue and neon green, with olive and flesh spool/drive gear. Flywheel cover is black. Talking commander (non-Life-like body) Tell me how to post a pic or send me an addy and I 'll send pics. - Jeff K-


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