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Geyper Man MB

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  • Geyper Man MB

    So I got a Cotswold order in the other day, and included was one of the Geyper Man muscle bodies. These things are cool. Expensive but cool. I like that the hands have separate trigger fingers.

    Popped a vintage muscle body head on him, and the skin tone matches perfectly.

    Now the question is, how to outfit him. What AT sets do you all like on your MB joes?
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    Very nice! IMO the repro geypers are the best of all the re-issue figures, like you said the price tag is high, but the figure itself is real quality! The Joe head looks great by the way! how about a set of land adventurer camo's?


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      Thanks! Can’t go wrong with land adventurer cammies! Maybe a short sleeve version to show off those pythons


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        Here’s what I ended up with for this Joe. A vintage Jungle Survival jacket, shorts socks and belt from the modern AT Save the Tiger set, boots and scarf from the spares box. Just need to rustle up a machete and sheath, and he’ll be all set.


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          Very nice! Congrats on the new figure. He'll make a great member of the team!


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            I've been curious about the quality of these so I am glad to read that they are worth the price. I'm a big fan of Cotswold Collectibles and they have never let me down, but it is still good to read some feedback on these. I definitely want to get one or two of them. I've been very tempted to get one of the Motorcycle Riders along with one of the Sport Motorcycles.


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              Agree on Cotswold! They're the real unsung heroes of the 12in gijoe collector hobby. until they came along the only way to find gijoe stuff was in Doll Collector magazines. Ugh! Since Cotswold appeared on the scene, they've been on the down low, in the background, and reliably persistent... while other companies have come and gone. And Cots is still there for us. Three cheers for Cotswold!!! I miss the tan figures they used to make. And the ww2 tanker helmets. And the Japanese accessories. Some of their cool Repro stuff comes and goes, but Cotswold is still there, keeping it fresh!


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                These Geyper Man figures are very nice! Plus, vintage heads pop right onto them with no problem! I have several of these and honestly can't stop buying them. Highly recommend these.
                - Scott
                PH and Proud
                Bulletmann - Hyatta
                See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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                  I wish I had the money for one of the new Geypers.

                  Got a mate in Australia sending me a vintage one as a gift. I can't wait.


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                    Originally posted by ATC View Post
                    Very nice! Congrats on the new figure. He'll make a great member of the team!
                    Thanks ATC!

                    I will echo what others have said, the Geyper Man figures are awesome, as is Cotswold. I should also mention that the hands on these are great, a “deeper” grip than the Cotswold action hands or the Palitoy 40th Action Man hands, but not quite as deep as the Hasbro 40th KFG hands. However the pegs on these Geyper Man hands are much different than vintage versions, so I don’t think the hands would be compatible with non Geyper Man figures.


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