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  • Wargame Rules

    Latest update to the 1/6 wargame and RPG rules is now on my site (as of a minute ago). Yay! I made a few adjustments, a few additions, and incorporated a few suggestions by ActionYankee (Thanks, AY!). I had to break it up in 6 little chunks to upload because my site has an upload file size restriction.

    There will be a Version 4.1 soon, that will add Atomic Man, Bulletman, and the Intruders (but I need to think that through and chat with AY a bit before adding them). If anyone's interested, we could hash out (right here in the Trenches) how they can be incorporated in the rule set! Or, if nobody's interested but me and ActionYankee, we can do it PM. I think I know how I want to do it, but it's always fun to bat it around and brainstorm for new ideas!

    This could also be an "over a beer" discussion in Louisville next week, too, I suppose...

    - ATC
    AT Commander's Adventure Team HQ: www.gijoe.50megs.com
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    For a little bit of public record to start out, feel free to adjust/critique as seen fit.

    Mike Power/Atomic Man Rules

    2x Speed.
    2x Strength
    X-Ray Vision (ability to see opponents, allies, and objectives through obscurities)

    The drawback is that each ability has a recharge cycle where you cannot use it that lasts 2 turns. When not using the abilities, normal speed, strength, and vision apply.

    Bulletman Rules

    2x Speed
    1.5x Melee damage

    The drawback is you chose a guy in a red leotard.

    Intruders Rules

    2x Strength
    +10% Intelligence

    The Drawback is they can only move at 3/4 speed, because they're short and stupid.


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      Atomic Man's powers would sure screw with game play according to Hasbro's version of his capabilities!
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        Bulletman might take some vintage comic research to determine the extent of his capabilities... Because Hasbro doesn't really tell us a heckuva lot.
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          The danger of incorporating "supers" into a wargame rpg is that it risks badly skewing game play, and ends up no fun for the kid who DOESN'T have a Super, and the game fails. I think that's why superhero role playing games are completely separate rule sets. Will have to ponder how to include them without unbalancing game play...


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            That's where the drawback comes in. To keep things from getting too super-powered.


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              Perhaps it would be best to leave the Super rules for folks who want to play Supers, rather than incorporating them into the basic game. After all, the rules are basic guidelines from which infinite variations could be derived. I remember GURPS that was a basic role playing game rule set, and they had supplements for all sorts of things... from Western scenarios to science fiction, as well as fantasy of course. Maybe that idea would work best for this too; the rules that cover the basics, and if somebody wanted to develop supplementary materials for Supers, Starship combat, Battleship combat, etc, then it could cover practically anything!


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