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New archived items in the Club store

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  • New archived items in the Club store

    Just saw that the club recently added more archived items to the store. One of the items is the elusive Club Exclusive Counter Culture Adventurer. Can't believe these aren't flying out door at the bargain basement price of only $418.99 plus shipping. WTH?
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    Yeah, that's insane. I'll make one.


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      I had to put on my reading glasses, I thought it was $18.99, I couldn't see the number 4. Far too expensive
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        Yeah that's not for me... Now the Darkon is still available and I wouldn't mind one of those, but I haven't been a club member for quite a while.

        Seems odd they still say you have to be a member to buy even though there's no longer a club right?
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          Went to the site. Made for Bill Gates' budget, I guess. Now know what they mean by "sticker shock!"


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            I wouldn't be surprized if they sold out. It's always been a sought after piece. And they've sold for more on eBay.


            Originally posted by ActionYankee View Post
            Yeah, that's insane. I'll make one.
            See photo below.


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              Should have bought it during their first warehouse clear out at the comparatively low price of 90 something.


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                This topic has been going for a bit on the Facebook Trenches and it has taken a sour turn. Tread lightly. Here is what I posted this morning:

                I donated one of these last year to the charity auction at JoeLanta. It was bagged with the header. Jack Dewayne Hall won it for $200 and I was very happy and a bit surprised it went so high. I knew they were sought after but didn't know how much they had been going for on eBay. It appears that Brian may be basing his price on the current auction market value and that is his prerogative. Can't say I don't blame the guy, after all, collectors have been flaunting their profits on his products in his face for 25 years. Brian has done more for this hobby by pulling a group of folks (who otherwise would have never known each other existed) and giving us annual meeting places. It is the core group of original club members who are the very backbone of this hobby today. With him shuttering his doors we can only be thankful for the ATL, KY and TX shows among so many others for picking up the flag and continuing the charge up the proverbial Hill 79. I will never bash what Brian does, may not always agree with it, but can't be upset. He has given me some of the best friends, memories and toys a guy could ever hope for. I am glad I have my lone Counter Culture guy as a memory of the show I missed while stationed over seas. Knowing the story of how Char helped in assembling these in the hotel makes it all the more special to me. People are entitled to their opinion on this matter, but sometimes things are better left unsaid.
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                  Gotta agree with you, GIDefender! Brian has done good things for the hobby for a lot of years. There's nothing wrong with trying to wring as high a price as possible out of remaining Joe Club stuff... after all, it's a pretty low margin business anyway, and liquidating the remaining supplies in the club Store is their last chance to monetize ANYTYHING! And then it's gone. Kudos to Brian and his crew for all these years! Hopefully the KY and ATL shows will grow and be permanent, at least until all of us old guys die off and the hobby goes extinct. Hopefully the Trenches will remain online as a last reinforced stronghold of the hobby 'til then (and perhaps stay onine in perpetuity, archived in a WayBack Machine somewhere. We can't forget Cotswold, either... there was a time when they were the only place to go for Joe Heads, and that time is cycling back again. I guess I'll have to shoot 'em an order...


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                    I'll add my 2 cents. Brian can do whatever he wants. The Club has been great ever since I joined in 2000, and I'm sure they know - especially since the last con was so well attended, that things in the store would be gone quick. On top of that, the Club has lost it's license to continue operating past December. They absolutely should make as much money as possible to take as good care as they can of all the employees at the gijoe club - who have served all of us so very well over the years. My hat is off to Brian and all the rest. They did what no other toy collecting club has ever done - and done it very very well. I will miss them severely when they're just a memory. They've given so much to this hobby, and especially to modern collectors. Anything the market will bear - should be their aim in clearing things out. I doubt we'll see sales on much of anything until the bitter end. Hope they can give bonuses to everyone on staff. My glass is raised to them. Cheers!


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