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Classic Collection Small Transition HandsWrist repair

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  • Classic Collection Small Transition HandsWrist repair

    I have a Classic Collection Figure
    With Smaller Transition Hands
    has two problems
    one the Wrist are to turn
    And two Left Hand tore trying to turn it.
    they'll turn if grab the Wrist Joint directly and turn .
    still but but it stresses hand.
    and now figure out how reattach the Hand.
    I do not have a Junk Figure with same Hands.
    This Figure has limited run.
    after Hasbro went to Kung Ho Grip Hands.
    anybody have any ideas
    How to loosening Wrist Joints and repair Wrist hand repair.
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    Ok I am going to post this on the off chance .
    the information may come in handy.

    the first thing I believe is to make sure this Hands rotate easier or the other suffer same fate.

    so heat the wrist area with aBlow Drier.
    or Heat Gun .
    personally I like Heat Fun .
    but cant. Find I right now.
    if heat fails to solve the problem.
    maybe a shot of Silacone Sprat in Wrist Peg is inserted.
    now I well cut the remaining Material from the Hand.
    so I can pull the Wrist Joint .out.
    heating up again this enough to make other Plastic surrounding it softer .
    that's it do not want melt it.
    using Small Curved vise Grips.
    the Jaws were dip in Plastic Dip.
    highly Recommenex.
    with Wrist Joint remove time to see about reattaching Hand.
    my idea is to insert a Sewing Needle into the Wrist Peg .
    cut it drill a hole into the Hand.
    roughen the Pin with a Small File.
    and this before pressing together add Some Gorrillia Glue
    a bit of Water make it really Strong.
    now I thinking weather to use a Pin Vise and Small Drill Bit.
    which allow me to hold it by Hand
    or Place in a Hobby Vise pullout Dremel Tool.
    since were talking small Area.


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      That all sounds like a mess. The wrists probably got screwed up in the first place because of a blow dryer or heat gun. People ought to stop using those on toys and stick with hot water, which is much better at heating evenly and not denaturing the plastic.


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        I would Hot Wayer.
        like I do on Heads but the Plastic in the ForeArms is
        thicker than Vinyl Head and found that a Blow Dryer or Heat Gun on low setting works.
        this heat test heat a little more if necessary.
        then remove Hand.
        BUT i try Hot Watet to loosen them up.


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          Plastic does not conduct heat well, so when you use a blow dryer to try to soften the inside of the wrist to 200°, you probably are getting the outside up to 400°, which is bad because the heat doesn't radiate off quickly either.

          When you use hot or boiling water you can soak it for as long as necessary to heat everything all the way through, but the plastic will never get hotter than 212°.


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            But got to take into consideration these are Soft Plug Transistional Hands .
            which means they are stretchy
            so this a manage them even softer
            and try to pull them out
            Hard Plug Hands maybe


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              Originally posted by Gforce121262@yahoo.com View Post
              But got to take into consideration these are Soft Plug Transistional Hands .
              which means they are stretchy
              so this a manage them even softer
              and try to pull them out
              Hard Plug Hands maybe
              Any heat source will make the parts temporarily softer. But water won't permanently damage the plastic the way a 1000° heat gun can.


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                Well after I heat in Water first, Then if does not work the heat Gun,
                If I cant pull out the Post I will have to Drill it out which means have replace whole Hand so there nothing to lose.
                I will post telling how it came out maybe some else has same problem.

                G force out!


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