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Thrift store find!

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  • Thrift store find!

    I found these at a thrift store. In awesome shape, for $6 each. I just wanted the wheels. and they're already Adventure team yellow! Bonus!!!
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    Looks like someone is going to need more styrene!
    - Scott
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      To bad you got to take the Wheels .
      I know there Tonka Collectors who restore them
      but 6 dollars llllluuuuucccyyyy


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        These don't need restoring. No scratches or dents. Just a little mud on the wheels and front end loader from honest play. I'm sure they'd clean up nicely. Maybe I can put some old Mobile Support Vehicle wheels on 'em after I steal the cool yellow Tonka wheels for my next project. They they'll still be useful for grandkids to play with, even if they DO end up looking super goofy. And if they're left out in the rain and wind for months on end, who cares? I still got my cheap Tonka wheels.

        Of course I sometimes do stupid stuff that I regret later. Like using two mint Japanese uniforms just for the buttons and material to make an explorer outfit for my Joe (see "coastwatcher" project on www.gijoe.50megs.com). I kinda regret that one.

        But 8 awesome wheels for $12? That was a deal, even if they DID still have the Tonka attached...
        - atc


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          Here's how I used the Tonkas. And I still have two wheels left over to make a trailer! It made a big difference to the mobile support vehicle. Turned it from a silly roller skate wheeled vehicle into a cool looking vehicle! IMHO, of course. Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20181102_153035313~2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	121.9 KB ID:	1887


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            P.S. no, the wheels aren't actually affixed to the msv yet. I haven't decided whether to jack it up with a little suspension or just Mount the wheels like The Originals were mounted. With slight modification, the rear most axle can go in the original holes. the original holes are slightly oversized, so I can put a shim in between the chassis and the axle to get enough clearance for the wheels to roll without scraping. I'd have to drill new holes for the other Wheels. But with careful attention to clearance (IAW experiments so far), there's enough room for those big wheels under there! Yay!


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              Click image for larger version

Name:	IMG_20181112_172625128~3.jpg
Views:	1
Size:	118.9 KB
ID:	1971 here here is another pic of the modified Mobile support vehicle. The Tonka wheel modification made a big difference!


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                Here's another, for comparison...
                Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20181112_172501937~3.jpg Views:	1 Size:	119.9 KB ID:	1973 ...yup, the MSV T-mod was a BIG improvement!


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                  The modified version looks like it had a lift kit installed. Great job!


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                    I found two pieces of very thin plywood in my wood crib, and cut three channels in them with my table saw. The channels accommodated the axles when I sandwich them together. I used small bolts to hold the two pieces of plywood together and then I had essentially had a flat piece of wood with six wheels. I painted it yellow. With 8 bolts, I attached it to the bottom of the MSV. It doesn't come apart anymore. I really like how it turned out.
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                  The Tonka Wheels made BIG difference
                  so what are you going to do with the Tonka Trucks now


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                    I think I pitched the leftover Tonka parts. The wheels were all I needed!
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                  Nice find!


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