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Loose Muscle Body hips?

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  • Loose Muscle Body hips?

    I have what I assume is an early MB - the blue Speedo pelvis is made of a flexible rubbery material rather than a hard plastic like the flesh colored parts. The waist "belt" has vertical splits in two spots. I think that the combination of the flexible material and the splits have allowed the rounded bottom of the torso piece to settle lower into the pelvis than it should, which has caused the tension of the leg rubber bands to decrease to where the hip joints no longer hold position. If I pull the torso away from the pelvis to make the proper amount of rounded bottom of the torso show above the belt, hip joint tension goes back to a useful level.

    I don't think pulling the bands tighter is the right solution, because that just encourages the pelvis to spread more. At this point I think some sort of rigid insert that would sit around the rubber bands between the pelvis and the bottom of the torso would be best - maybe two "C" shapes that could be inserted from the waist without disassembling the torso, or a single "3" shape? They would have to be broader than the opening in the torso bottom by narrow enough to sit in the bottom cup of the pelvis. I have some moldable kydex around, as well as other materials.

    Has anyone dealt with this before? Am I on the right track?
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    I believe I solved the problem.

    This morning I woke up thinking about it, and realized that I needed a concave shape that is a simple "0" matching the shape of the bottom of the torso opening. I found two compostable/disposable soup spoons. This material is plasticy, but made of cellulose and is a little softer than regular plastic spoons. I cut two 0s a little larger than the bottom of the torso with with scissors and oblong holes a bit smaller that then opening with a knife, and then slit the top of the 0 to open the loop. I also rounded the slot openings and made sure there were no sharp edges that could rub the rubber bands wrong over time.

    Pulling up on the torso to form a gap into the pelvis, I pushed the slotted end around the rubber bands, left to right. The 0 settled down into the bottom of the pelvis, concave oriented up toward the torso bowl. I used a small tool to center it, then let the torso push down. Since the spoon is thin, this didn't lift the torso as much as would be ideal, so I slotted the other 0 and inserted that from the opposite right to left direction, so the two slotted sections were on opposite sides.

    The net result is that the bottom of the torso is now exposed above the belt like they normally look and the hip tension is "normal" enough to hold the legs in whatever position they'd usually be poseable to. The tan spoon plastic is not at all visible, since it is sitting low in the pelvis and the belt area with the splits has returned to a smaller "waist size" with the torso pressure off of it.

    I'm trying to imagine how this could go wrong, and so far I can't think of anything that would go wrong with time. The compostable plastic should be non-reactive and completely stable as long as it doesn't get wet, so I don't see that breaking down. It has the ideal flexibility and was easy to craft.

    I know pictures are worth a thousand words, but it is hard to get a good picture of the inside of the pelvis that is meaningful. If anyone needs to use this technique, it only took me 15 minutes eyeballing the dimensions and cutting by hand, so anyone reasonably handy should be able to figure it out. Though these soft pelvis pieces might be so rare that it won't be an issue for most MB owners. I've never seen another one.

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      Sounds like an ingenious solution! Huzzah!!!


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        I might have read someone had similar problem
        is it possible to make some .
        kind of Insert out of Poly Morph


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          Originally posted by Gforce121262@yahoo.com View Post
          I might have read someone had similar problem
          is it possible to make some .
          kind of Insert out of Poly Morph
          The problem with polymorph or other moldable materials is that they are much harder to make even than a stiff material like the spoon plastic. If they aren't geometrically symmetrical, smooth and even the torso bottom won't pivot evenly and will catch on the bumps in the polymorph.

          There's all sorts of ways of solving this particular problem, but most are going to take more work with poorer results than just using a found object cut to the correct dimensions. People tend to go overboard using specialty material where they aren't needed, making things harder than necessary.


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            Good use of Problem solving .
            and the use of House Hold Materisls .
            I SALUTE you Sir.


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              I'd love to see a photo of the fix!


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                It's hard to photograph. The last image shows the torso with the proper amount of waistline exposed. Before the abs touched the belt.

                The second photo shows the top layer of spoon. On the left side of the image you can see the beveled gap I cut into the ring to get it around the rubber bands. The ring below it has a similar cut 180 degrees out.


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