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A Club to Remember - Top 5

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  • A Club to Remember - Top 5

    Now that the Joe Club is fading out, I was thinking of some of the good times we had, so I wanted to offer my Top 5 likes about the club, in no particle order.

    The GIJOE Top 5 things:
    1) Green Beret Set
    2) Magnum Power
    3) Adventure Team hard hand releases
    4) Lost Talkers releases
    5) Continues the 40th Anniversary sets while they could - this was brave undertaking. Sad it wasn't profitable for them.

    6) free flocked foreigner figures especially the Japanese ones

    One thing I like to see was red top 1969 as a regular joe set and of course a few more AT sets in a similar fashion as Magnum Power.

    Lesser moments
    Mike Power rehash - there can be only one Mike Power and he needs his stark neck. LOL.

    What is your list?
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    Good thread Jay! Brian did provide us with some wicked cool items during his run. I cannot argue with your choices for sure. Each is a killer choice and I have every one of them. I will disagree with you to a degree on the flocked foreigners, I got tired of them after the third one (the Japanese sculpt). To me, he rode that pony a little too long. I was not a fan of the Skate Board Adventurer, and like you was not thrilled with Mike (I eat batteries) Power. The glow in the dark figure was interesting but I think my favorite was the guy with the eye patch whose name escapes me right now. But only because the accessory set was so cool.

    For me, my favorites were:

    The Counter Culture Joe from 2003. This guy is so retro cool with an AT Dog Tag that reverses into a Peace necklace. Brilliant!

    The Aged Adventurer (Came with everything seen here) from 2005. The bald headed figure we all wanted, leave it to Brian to make a short run of them.

    The 40th Anniversary Birthday Celebration Dress Sailor cards. (Shown on a vintage figure) This was the dinner freebie at the first Disney Convention. Three carded items completed the set.

    Not sure if this one counts as I don't know if they were a Club run or what, but the Aces Memphis Belle Waist Gunner leather set is one of the nicest sets I own. I know it had a Collector's Club affiliation of some sort so I will count it.

    The Normandy Ranger. Folks may not remember, but not only did Brian save (well attempted to save) the 40th series, he also saved the uniform and accessories from the never sold Saving Private Ryan Tom Hanks figure. The uniform and accessories were used on the Normandy Ranger. Also, this is the only Hasbro version of this sculpt with red hair and green eyes.

    Brian also gave us some wicked cool accessory sets as well. The medical tent and the pop up tent set for the search of the Sasquatch set are two of the best scale tents ever released.
    - Scott
    PH and Proud
    Bulletmann - Hyatta
    See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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      Great thread. At the risk of repeating some solid highlights already mentioned. for me the top 5 would be:

      1) Hard hands Adventure Team releases (any of them)
      2) Free club membership figures, particularly the Man of the Sea figure
      3) Aged Adventurer (though I missed out on it and it's still on my quest list)
      4) Eight Ropes of Danger & Dive Into Darkness convention set
      5) Green beret Machine Gun Outpost convention set
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        Top 5 Conventions sets for me?

        #1 Pegasus Bridge (first set with vintage style figures)

        #2 Unknown Heroes

        #3 Battle of Leyte Gulf (Talking Japanese Sailor saying "You sank my Battleship"? yes please)

        #4 Fight for Survival Polar Bear attack!

        #5 Terror on the Sea Floor
        - Scott
        PH and Proud
        Bulletmann - Hyatta
        See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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          I agree the free Foreign figures should have been spaced out more. I was not a fun of their accessory sets. I think that may have hurt club enrollment. Maybe they could have done them all at once and sent them out randomly and sold the color hair you wanted in the store. I stop enrolling around Dr. Isotope (Sp?). I like the idea of getting a talking black commander or MOA and then buying the box. They just need to run a talking MOA and a Flocked talking Astronaut. So close. I didn't think of including the convention sets. I think I would have to add JMF even thought I never got it.


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            Cool thread! My favorite things about the Club were (in no particular order):

            1. The conventions
            2. The magazine (especially the Regular Joes feature)
            3. The Club AT figures (with the exception of the Man of Action)
            4. The wrap up of the 40th line.
            5. Getting a "free" figure each year. I didn't re-up every year - just ones where the free figure was cool (to me).
            6. The Sasquatch pop tent and accessories. (I never got the medic tent)
            7. The Green Beret set. Awesomeness!
            8. The backyard patrol style figures released every now and then over the last several years.
            9. The sales!


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              I like a lot of the Club offerings, I wish I could have afforded more AT con sets. But of the others, I liked hte Lost Adventurer/Man of Evil--just fantastic--and the 40th Navy honor guard accessories. Naval/aquatic figures are my favorites.


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                My absolute favorites from the Club are the 3.75 AT sets, picking those up was what got me interested in collecting vintage, prior to that the oldest 12” Joe I had was from 1991. My favorite 12” figure from the Club is the Man of Evil, my favorite uniform set is Magnum Power.


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                  Magnum Power is a beautiful set. Was that set, and Kung Fu, originally prototyped for some other release and then offered by the Club?


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                    Not that I know of.

                    Pretty sure both of those are all theirs.


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                      Originally posted by ATFan View Post
                      Magnum Power is a beautiful set. Was that set, and Kung Fu, originally prototyped for some other release and then offered by the Club?
                      No. I remember getting updates from Brian and Lanny when these were being developed by the Club.

                      Even here there was some discussion about the reproduction of the iconic Magnum Power during that time.


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                        My favorites we're the foreign head Jose. The flocking was fragile and peeled off very easily. That's the first thing I did to mine. With very little effort I was able to come up with an awesome reproduction painted head Action soldier of the world figure. I ended up buying extras from the club in fact, so I could put together a German infantry squad. Extremely cool! The Japanese figure was my next favorite!


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                          From my own personal opinion, and in no particular order,

                          Magnum Power
                          Green Beret Card
                          Convention Aquanaut set
                          Arcane Adventurer
                          Talking Black Commander

                          Super jealous of the Aged Adventurer, and the Counter Culture Adventurer, GI Defender. Been looking for those for ages. Guess I'll have to make them.
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