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Looking too closely at my Sea Adventurer

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  • ActionYankee
    started a topic Looking too closely at my Sea Adventurer

    Looking too closely at my Sea Adventurer

    Purchased in-uniform from my friend who has a massive Joe collection from his late father. One of my favorite figures, he is in astoundingly good shape for his age. I got him, a Black Adventurer, the Adventure Team ATV, and some loose equipment for 80 USD and some labor (I helped move a very heavy display case mere moments before), a steal.


    Peculiar plastic swirling on his legs. No stress cracks here.

    Hairline cracks here.

    The usual chewing up from the rivet around the elbows, supplemented by a crack of some kind. Stress?

    Peculiar tarnishing on these two rivets. Only these two.

    The only hint of rust occurs on these two rivets. For it to be only these two is amazing, because as the Sea Adventurer he was surely subjected to bathtub, pool, and beach play back 48 years ago. Right?

    Formerly uneven beard. Maybe still a little uneven, but not as noticeable as it was. Also his repainted eyebrows. My work. LFJ says they are too dark, maybe so, but I'm happy.

    The ever-present glue-mark that comes from shaving bearded figures. Tried to get rid of it with Nail Polish remover, it's still mostly there, but again, not as noticeable.

    My Sea Adventurer.

  • MTAdventurer
    Congrats, he looks about as nice as they come. The eyebrow repaint is probably one of the better I have seen. Not an easy thing to do.

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  • ATC
    Nice. Glue Mark is hardly noticeable. I had an eBay Joe with nice hair and bad beard, so I worked on the beard with the edge of my fingernail - it seemed to peel off quite nicely, so I went ahead and removed the beard using just my fingernail and water. There were no uglyugly marks underneath, so I just left him that way and didn't bother reflocking. Land adventurer converted to a man of action.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	IMG_20190103_183956443~2.jpg Views:	1 Size:	63.2 KB ID:	2391 ​​​​​​-ATC

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  • Aiwaloki
    Nice. My first crush was the Land Adventurer. Then later, when I saw the Sea Adventurer in a Spy Island set, my affection shifted, just a little. But I am mostly a MOA guy.

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