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Looking too closely at my Aquanaut

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  • Looking too closely at my Aquanaut

    Unfortunately, these photos aren't in great focus.

    Also, bear in mind this figure was not acquired as an Aquanaut, merely nude and the other parts came together.

    Pretty good.

    The Scar, lips, eyebrows and hairline I repainted. The Hair was scuffed, and whomever painted the scar in the factory totally missed it.

    Those strange scratches down the side of his face. There are some on the left side too. Mold imperfections?

    Childhood pet attack. Since he's my Aquanaut, probably definitely a shark attack.

    One of three.

    Two of three.

    Three of three stress cracks, that appears to be it, aside from a hairline one on his right knee that won't show up in camera.

    Also critter carnage? Or just the scuffs and scrapes of normal play?

    The all important Copyright notice. Perhaps a bit anachronistic for my use of him as an Aquanaut, but he's a soft-headed PH, I'm happy.

    My Aquanaut.
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    The trousers, boots, dog tag, and hat are vintage Joe. The turtleneck, shoulder holster, and revolver are VAM from a friend. Modeled on my black haired soft head PH.


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      My first uniform for him. I bought a equipment lot on eBay, with the Spy Island kit, shark, late issue air tanks, and some other odd bits.

      I was putting the sweater on my MOA, when I put my thumb right through it. 😲😵

      A friend in the UK sent me an AM FRF set, which has a thinner knit sweater than Joe's FRF set. That sweater is currently on my Aquanaut, and this torn one is on my FRF.

      I called this stage of my Aquanaut, the "Shipwrecked Aquanaut" custom .


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