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"Do you remember when Buck . . .?" Post your Buck stories!

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  • "Do you remember when Buck . . .?" Post your Buck stories!

    What crazy thing did Buck send you? What did he do? Share your memories and raise a glass to his memory!
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    It's what Buck sent me. And how it took a life of its own.

    I had bought a Counter Culture Adventurer from Buck and when it arrived I discovered that he had included the Hippie Barbie... So I went with it and made my own Mod Squad... Then I figured I had to try my own custom Hippie...

    But my other Buck story isn't about what he sent me, it has more to do about how he made me feel.

    It was Buck who made me feel that I could consider myself a Trencher in Good Standing. I had been a Trencher for a couple of years when he emailed me and asked if I could pick up some McDonald's Canada NHL toy promotions that were going to be released over a period of two or three weeks. He told me that he would understand if I declined, but for me it was like a badge of honour: Buck, the coolest guy at The Trenches was asking me for a favour! I had arrived.


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      Those Hippy outfits are very unique! They're cheerful and colourful, I like the tash too, it's very Action Burt.
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      Buck was my secret santa one year and included his business card. Pretty cool!


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        For starters, I loved Buck like a brother. He was the most reliable Trenches "original" member out there. If you ever needed anything he would be there for you. (Just not in person) Tried for years to get him to a show and even offered to buy his package for Joe Lanta, always to hear, "next year". I recall seeing the post by Joe Zeta on face book when he passed. I immediately called Tracy. It was a dark day for the hobby and his absence left a void that can never be filled. Buck and I had just spoke a few weeks prior about meeting up and going duck hunting and drinking some "Buckweisers".

        A singular Buck story is hard for me, especially in this format because some of his humor would make Jack Hall blush.

        So I will tell one of my favorites, I know I have posted before but when I think of him, this is one of my most vivid memories.

        Buck was a die hard Red Wings fan, me, a Blues fan. The wings were making another play-off push in 1996 and the Blues were hot on the heals of their first ever Stanley Cup. We had just made a trade for Gretzky and this certainly looked like it was going to be our year. So the trash talking commenced. Buck was relentless and I was confident. So we bet a Joe, not sure if I recall what his was he was putting on the line, but mine was my only AT figure, a mint (un-played with) Sea Adventurer. The only AT figure I had. Keeping in mind, I have never given up a Joe from my personal collection EVER. Long story short, Blues got eliminated by the Wings in the conference finals and I regrettably packed up the only fuzz head I owned and mailed it to Michigan. A few months later I got better remorse, I wrote Buck asking about him and wanted to buy him back. He replied, " Oh that guy? Yeah, sold him on the bay baby!" I was broken hearted and to this day have never let go of a Joe from my personal collection. Each year during play-offs, I still look to see how the Wings are doing. Just because I know that Buck would want to know.

        Tracy approached me a few years ago and I helped her price out and sell off mos of Buck's collection. It was hard, VERY hard. I got some of the pieces and I cherish each as a prized item in my collection. Attached is Buck's foot locker. This locker was mint and had the upper tray filled with tasty vintage goodness. Under the tray is where I keep my most prized loose pieces of uniforms and equipment. Inside the locker is also his funeral announcement that Jack sent me. It will always be kept there as a reminder.

        Miss that guy. Happy birthday Buckster!
        - Scott
        PH and Proud
        Bulletmann - Hyatta
        See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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          When I first decided to start collecting vintage Gijoe again I noticed Buck had 4 PH Joes for sell...He told me he was layed off and could use the the money so I bought them to help him out...
          Then he says now you need the Adventure team figures so he talked me into buying the entire Adventure team...lol...He told me a story on how the AA Adventurer he was selling
          me was included in a book written by the previous owner of the figure...Not sure if that was for real or Buck BS-ing...lol....
          Then he says you gotta have a space capsule so before I knew it I had bought his space capsule and astronaut..lol
          Once in awhile afterwards he would send me something free out of the blue or if I needed something he would send it to me!
          Buck was a great guy and is sadly missed!


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            My uncle needed some canteen covers and he sent me 2 for free. He also sent me a box of comics just because he knew I collected comics and also, the last thing he sent me, was some comic related cards, again all for free and I never asked for them. He would always joked with me that if the con ever came to Chicago, he would come up(he lived in Detroit and I live in Chicago)and crash at my place. Which would've been a lot of fun and I wish that could've happened. Even though I never met him or actually talked to him, besides here on the trenches, he was a real kind and great guy who will always be missed.
            The Joe Collecting "Geek".
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              I just got off the phone from a conversation with Buck's wife, Tracy. She was touched by our remembrance of her husband and wants you all to know that she and her girls are doing well. The oldest is at college and the youngest will be going into her senior year this September.


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