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Favorite Joe and/or Joe set?

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  • Favorite Joe and/or Joe set?

    Since there hasn't really been much activity lately, I thought about a topic that might get some activity. What is everyone's favorite figure or set or vehicle?
    Mine Is my first 3 Joes ever: Mike Power, my red hair SOTW, and a brunette AT muscle body. The Mike Power and the AT guy I bought brand new back in the day and got the SOTW from my uncle for Christmas back in the early 80's. These guys have been on many adventures throughout the years. Currently, I am making the SOTW into a German Stormtrooper. I also need a new pair of shorts and shirt for Mike Power and need new arms and to restring the AT Joe.

    As far as sets, It gotta be Skydive To Danger. My uncle and I, back in the early 80's, found a bunch of sealed sets for real cheap at a discount toy store. Wish we kept them sealed, but, I had alot of fun with this set.

    And the last one, is the 5 Star Jeep. My uncle has one from when he was a kid and I always loved playing with it. Finally, about 10-15 years ago, I got one off of Ebay. Such a great vehicle.

    Now, what about everyone else?
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    One I had as a kid, and that would be Fate of the Troubleshooter. Cool set, and I probably would have liked the Coils of Doom set as well, stuff with tracks is always neat
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      The biggest set I received as a child was the Sandstorm Survival set with the tan AT jeep, along with my first Joe, a hard-hands Land adventurer. That one is the most special to me.


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        I had two Joes growing up, an Action Soldier and an Action Pilot. Due to broken limbs, my pilot is long gone. But I still have my soldier. I had a Five Star jeep when I was very young, and I loved it. In my adult years I have been able to get one. I don't have the
        trailer or the gun, but I have been able to pick up the spotlight. One of my favorite memories as a child was playing with it in the dark, using the spotlight as kind of a headlight, lighting the way.

        My younger brother had AT guys, I didn't. But later I had a bit of AT gear. The ATV is another fond memory for me, I played with it quite a lot. I got it in 1971 in a Sears super set. I really enjoyed it. I don't remember what happened to it, probably gave it to my
        younger brother at some point. But in my adult years I have picked up a couple of them.



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          My favorite Joes currently are a Land Adventurer, Air Adventurer, and Sea Adventurer all of which I purchased on Ebay a couple of years ago. They're all in top condition with great looking uniforms. I only had one Joe as a kid, which was the Land Adventurer. I'm afraid he's long gone. Parents had a flooded basement back in 1987 or so, and I think all my Joe stuff went out with the trash.

          My favorite playset is the AT Headquarters, hands down. I had one as a kid and me and my brother had hours of fun with this great set. I remember riding my LA up and down in the chair to the tower. Good times.

          Favorite vehicle is the AT Helicopter - again, cause I had one. I remember getting it at Christmas in 1971, and I know most of it survived after our move in 1973. I don't have it now either. The only thing which survives from my old joes is a rescue raft lid & compass. Fortunately I've gotten hold of the entire 1970 Adventure Team now, and they occupy my new headquarters. I have 2 AT Helos on the launch pad ready to go, and a Sandstorm AT Jeep, ATV and Mobile Support Center in the repair garage.


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            For me it was the basic Action soldier fully equipped. Field jacket, helmet, Garand, backpack, entrenching tool, sleeping bag, tent etc. As a kid that was about all I had for years. And a Johnny West. GI Joe usually ended up with the lever action carbine, and Johnny West ended up with the garand. Their hands seem to fit better if they swapped rifles... GI Joe stormed the beaches on DDay in my backyard with a cowboy lever action on many occasions.


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              My favorite Joes are the Adventurer and the Land Adventurer that survived my childhood and I still have. My favorite set as a kid was the Secret of the Mummy’s Tomb, and my favorite vehicle was the Space Capsule, which I also still have. My second favorite vehicle was the AT helicopter.


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