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Rescuing a 30th Sailor

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    One thing I didn't realize when suggesting a MAM body as a replacement, was the AM "tattoo" on his upper left arm. I found three MAM bodies in my box of figures, so I decided to transfer
    them to those bodies. I tried finger polish remover and lighter fluid with minimal effect.

    So I decided to use fine grit wet sandpaper. I wet the paper and the arm, and started scrubbing. I got them off, but due to the shaped of his upper arm a small black spot remains. The photo
    shows an AM without the "tattoo" removed, and two bodies that have had it removed with wet sandpaper.


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      Originally posted by TNshooter View Post
      Hey Steve, I found my 30th Soldier and Marine, it turns out I did de-box them. Tonight I heated and removed the head of the Marine, but the headpost is different from
      the usual HOF body. Did you have to do any modification to make your head fit? I dug out a box I got on the bay of a figure lot, had three MAM's in it. But their headposts
      are the same as the usual HOF.

      Daryl, I replied to your PM but will also reply here. There were some MAM's sold in the mid- to late-1990's that had the same round-top neck post with the protruding pin as the 30th Joe figures. The one sold as the "Snowboard Raider" was a popular figure to use for swapping the 30th Joe heads onto. Also, there was a line of 12-inch "Starting Lineup" historical baseball player figures that used the same body as the AM snowboard raider (except they had a flesh-colored pelvis instead of blue) and had the same neck post as 30th Joe as well as the articulated arms, legs and waist. They were called the "Cooperstown Collection" and included likenesses of Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Babe Ruth and other players. These are even better since they don't have the Action Man arm tattoo on them.



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        I guess I need to look for MAM's with blue shorts. I guess those are the ones with the protruding pin neck posts. Thanks for the info Steve!



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