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The Neglected CC Joes - what's your favorite?

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  • The Neglected CC Joes - what's your favorite?

    I may be alone in this... but I always sorta disregarded the Classic Collection joes. I thought they were just a transition in the evolution between the HOF "Clicky Joes" and the Super-Articulated cool Joes. HOFs were the neanderthal, CC were the Australopithicus, and SA were the Homo Sapiens. I bought plenty of the CC joes, though, because my kids were the right age, CC's were on the shelves, and they were durable enough for rough kid play. And Jane was a CC that my daughter loved! Many years have passed. The kids have their Joes packed in bins and boxes in my basement as they're off starting their young adult lives... their childhood joes awaiting the next generation of little JoeHeads. But I have plenty of CC's in my Joe Room in the basement, too. Only recently have I looked at the CC's a little more critically. And they're not as bad as I'd earlier figured. Some of those sets were awesome! I decided that the there were a couple of CC sets that were really outstanding. The Australian ODF, with all the necessary equipment for military action *or* Adventure Team type adventures -- tan uniform, floppy fedora hat, web belt, canteen, backpack, rifle. Nice. Then there is the flametrhower guy with camo uniform and all the stuff a soldier needs (camo uniform, helmet and net, gaiters, Garand rifle, bayonet/sheath, ammo belt, canteen, gas mask, ammo bandolier, shovel/cover and flamethrower. Awesome set!
    My favorites are the Aussie ODF and Flamethrower "WWII US Infantry with Flamethrower" guy. For Janes, the choices were fewer. The Nurse had the best uniform, but the 82nd Airborne had all the right equipment; the 82nd AB gets the nod because the smiling nurse figure looked like she was on drugs... 82nd AB CC Jane wins. I recently hit ebay and picked up four of the ODF guys (one in each hair color) and four 82AB Janes (one in each hair color) because eventually I'll have grandkids -- I plan to keep these NIB for the grandkids to come.

    What's YOUR favorite CC-era GiJoe?
    - ATC
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    I've got the two Tuskegee Joes, and they are stellar.

    I've got a lot more CC and pos-CC Joes, but the two best ones that leap to mind (today) are the Tuskegee Fighter Pilot, and Tuskegee Bomber Captain.


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      The Tuskegee bomber pilot was kind of cool! Awesome hat, and awesome leather jacket, as well as the unique cooler and thermos piece. The leather jacket has fallen apart over time, however. Bummer.


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        The fighter pilot has a better jacket. It isn't pleather, so has stayed together.


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          Come to think of it, the Bob Hope figure was pretty cool too! he had the tan fatigues, leather jacket, and even the pith helmet! Lots of adventure value there. Then there was the Indiana Jones figure too. I think he was called a stuntman, so they wouldn't have to pay royalties. That was a great adventure figure too!


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            I really like the Delta Force figure. All black uniform, rope with grappling hook, etc. I was going to say the Army SAW gunners, but I remembered they have SA bodies. I also like the "Adventures of" figures.
            I have a few and call them my "modern" Adventure Team. As for the Jane's, I like the helicopter pilot and the 82nd. I have a couple of the Vietnam nurses, but I've never thought of them having smiling faces.
            So I dug a little to find one. The caucasion figures do have their mouths open a bit. The AA doesn't. The first four CC's have soft facial detail, but I like the British SAS figure. Camos with a balaclava and
            helmet. Of the first four, I like that uniform the best.


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              I really like the Advanced Weapons Tester. The S.O.F. figures were pretty nice as well (particularly the Tactical Advisor figures). I also like the U.S. Army Tae Kwon Do trainer. Those are the only CC figures left in my collection besides the original four.
              "Only GI Joe is GI Joe"


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                I had a few. I had the Tuskegee Joes, the Astronaut(who is currently in my vintage Space Capsule), and a couple of the Generals. Don't remember who else I had. It wasn't many. I did end up selling the because I was kinda strapped for cash and they were just sitting in my closet for years. I also got the Janes for my sister when she was a kid and she really liked them. She still has them.
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                  I'm kinda half searching for a shuttle astronaut, that way I can take the outfit, and my AT Astronaut (and Air Adventurer) can pilot a U2.


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                    Originally posted by ActionYankee View Post
                    I'm kinda half searching for a shuttle astronaut, that way I can take the outfit, and my AT Astronaut (and Air Adventurer) can pilot a U2.
                    I once had most of that uniform I got in an accessory bag, but traded it years ago with another Trencher. I'm sorry I don't have another to help you out.



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                      I know to many that this admission will be barbaric to most on this forum, but the majority of my collection is composed of CC Joes, The Ultimate Soldier, and Soldiers of the World. I’m a 1/6th figure junkie, I can’t help it! My favorites of the CC Joes are the SAS, the Tuskegee Airmen, and the U.S. Marshals set that came out in 2002 with the raid jacket, cap, badge rifle, shotgun, ram and Halligan tool.


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                        I've got 4 CC Midnight drop figures all in different colors. Also have the female helo pilot, the Navajo Code Talker (missing his helmet), the Japanese WWII pilot, and the K-9 patrol set. I also have the Forward Air Control (boxed), the Vietnam Gunner, and the Vietnam Nurse (Hispanic) I would love to trade for the other deluxe Vietnam figures - the Vietnam 9th infantry Soldier and the Vietnam Door Gunner.
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                          I recently got the Navajo Code Talker in the box. He is a great figure! When the female helo pilots came out, I got four in the different hair colors. I couldn't find the AA version. I thought since it was the
                          first female figure since the GI Nurse, there might be a mail in offer for another outfit and accessories. I was wrong. I have a K-9 police unit (which I don't remember getting it, but I have it...LOL).

                          I have three Viernam nurses, two caucasion and an AA. I got the Caucasions in blonde and brunette. I had no idea they made a Hispanic version. I wouldn't mind to have one. But I don't have the
                          9th Infantry soldier to trade for it.



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                            I got almost all of mine from a flea market, except the 2 Midnight Drop (and 2 other) figures. Those I got on sale probably at Big Lots a few years back. I was looking for Gi Joes in the camo pattern that they used in Operation Enduring Freedom. One of the figures from the flea market, was a generic Joe in a Roy Benavidez Medal of Honor uniform. Missing all accessories. So I bought a K-9 set and outfitted him. I really like the cammies from that set. I purchased my Vietnam nurse and the Forward Observer sets from Ebay. Now I'm trying to assemble a few more Vietnam era Joes to put in my modern Jeep.
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                              I've bought and sold many Classic Collection figures over the years. My two favorites, which I've kept, are the Mercury and Shuttle Astronauts. I also liked the reimagined Adventure Team sets.

                              I recently picked up a couple Vietnam nurses from Goodwill. They just had their basic uniforms without accessories. There's not a lot of uniform choices for the female figures, but I think this one looks great in the Hall of Fame "Underwater Attack" wetsuit and aqualung.


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