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Land Adventurer Snow Excursion

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  • Land Adventurer Snow Excursion

    Just a few pics, I took my Land Adventurer out in the snow the other day in a bashed cold weather outfit.

    And a testament to the snowfall here in my area.

    And it was still snowing when I was done, I think we got a few more inches.
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    Great photos! I've heard the Northeast is getting hammered with winter weather. I've been wondering how our Trenches members in that area have been getting along.



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      This thread is like a year old I see...lol...Stopped by forum to see what was happening... Nice pic AY!
      Sorry it took me a year to see it..lol


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        Not so, Jim. This thread is a week or so old.


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          Looking good. Every winter I always tell myself that I am going to open my Timeless dog sled and I never do. One of these days.......
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            I went out to play in the snow today, too! The weatherman says the snow will be gone in a couple of days, so time was running out. I took out my Convention figure from several years ago (vintage looking noggin with a super-articulated body and Arctic gear) and a snowmobile of unknown origin. First I played with just general pics... I won't add those because they were mostly just goofing around. Then I played with making tracks:
            Click image for larger version  Name:	sled1.jpg Views:	1 Size:	138.9 KB ID:	4913

            That was kinda fun, so I played some more with tracks:
            Click image for larger version  Name:	tracks.jpg Views:	1 Size:	81.6 KB ID:	4914

            Then I started fiddling around with perspective. I got the best pics with a very low camera angle... as if I was a Joe with a camera instead of a giant human. Those angles looked the best.
            Click image for larger version  Name:	sleda3.jpg Views:	1 Size:	104.0 KB ID:	4915
            Click image for larger version  Name:	sled8.jpg Views:	1 Size:	93.7 KB ID:	4916
            This uniform set is pretty cool. It came with waffle boots, but it's hard to get 'em on Joe. His toes push into the waffle and can't get his foot in. So I used regular old CC-era boots. One nice detail on this parka is the "Mom Factor." Joe obviously loses his mittens a lot, so his Mom put a string on 'em, so he won't lose them anymore. My Mom did that for me in 1st and 2nd grades, too!

            Then I played with some "action" ideas. Most were ruined by power lines and whatnot. I was shooting blind, just kinda aiming the camera by guessing rather than looking at the LCD or anything... it was too bright out to see the darned thing. Didn't know what pics I had until I came inside and viewed 'em. This one was the best "action" pic:
            Click image for larger version  Name:	sled7.jpg Views:	1 Size:	72.8 KB ID:	4917
            It was fun. Kinda felt like a kid again, out playing in the snow.

            Then I called it quits because my fingers were getting numb.
            I headed back to the house to get warm
            - ATC

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              Great photos ATC! I'm curious how you were able to make tracks without having your footprints in the photo.


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                First I decided where I wanted to take the pics (angle of the sun and position of the "dune" that I liked). Then I was careful to approach the spot without walking on the area I wanted to photograph (like a hunter approaching game from downwind). Then I'd reach out as far as I could to make the tracks and place the snowmobile and figure where I wanted them without scuffing up the snow. The snow BEHIND the subject is more important than the snow in FRONT of the subject, because footsteps in the snow up front can easily be cropped out, whereas footprints BEHIND the subject would screw everything up and would be darn near impossible to shoot around. Then it's all angles and cropping. Hope this helped. :-)
                - ATC


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                  Say, if you got the full Convention set the same year as your Super-articulated Adventurer up there, you should have an Adventure Team flag, how big is it?


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                    Nope, sorry. No AT flag. Never even saw one. I didn't go to the convention. GIDefender was kind enough to pick up the convention figure for me. :-)


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                      Ah. I wish I had that figure.

                      He almost looks better than the SA Adventure Team figures. Though, I think I do favor the '69 series a little more.


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                        The painted hair military era were my prime Joe years. when the fuzz heads came out with beards, I thought they looked like hippies. And that wasn't a good time to be a hippie. At least not in my region. and that was about the time I discovered girls and motorcycles too, so I'd pretty much outgrown Joe by the adventure team era. I never liked the ATs until long after I was an adult.


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