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G.I. Joe 2019?

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  • G.I. Joe 2019?

    This is the last year for the G.I. Joe club. What will happen to the brand? I am not read up on the subject, but will Hasbro license all their properties to one business to create a club? Similar to IDW with the comic properties? Anyone know?
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    Hey Jay!

    Joe as we know him is most likely dead. I think once the Club closes it's doors we won't see much in the lines of an "official" 12" GI Joe product that we are wanting to hang our hats on. Unless you are into 5 points of articulation. The 3 3/4 figures will most likely only be tied into movie merchandising at this point. Really hard to say since there is so little word out there.

    Brian told me the black and white figures are the last of his run and that the tools (molds) no longer exist. Pretty sure the licensing deal he had with Hasbro is similar to what Linda Lum had with Dreams and Visions. Meaning, once the contracted amount has been met, the molds are destroyed to prevent folks from making unlicensed versions. Hasbro does have Hascon now where all their toy brands are represented in a single annual show. Last year was the first, but I know little about it since it did not interest me all that much.

    Fortunately, we still have Cotswold, and customizers out there who are well aware of the market and know the target audience.
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      GI Defender is definitely on target with his assessment, I don't think we are likely to see much of anything for the U.S. market after the Club closes its doors. However, as he also pointed out, Cotswold is a good source for vintage parts and sets, as well as loose pieces from Geyperman and similar overseas licenses and their own line of parts, uniforms and accessories. I also happened across another small site that is definitely worth a look if you want a decent wetsuit to replace your long past salvaging original. https://www.6scaleusa.com/


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        What about Brazil s Falcon if they coud sell here


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          GI, I think you've cracked the case of the weird figure tooling on VAM50 and the B&W Joes, as well as the Arcane Adventurer.


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            I think the good news is, that although the Club is dying and with it a steady stream of official 12" Joes, it's probably happening at the best possible time, as Geyperman is cranking out incredible stuff (with vintage molds) and Falcon is alive as is some AM stuff even if Hasbro is working with the AM50 people. So while one door is closing, there are 3 or 4 new doors that have opened in the last year or two.

            And of course, Cotswold is doing better stuff than ever. And Captain Cosmos is producing new Joe stuff as is LoucoPorBonecos. So while it's the worst of times, it's also the best of times!


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              Don't forget there's a new live-action Action Man movie/film on the horizon, I heard about this about 4 years ago and the echoes have been getting louder recently.. I have a strong vibe that there will be a new (main stream) Action Man figure line tied in with the movie, I hope they're 12" (1/6) in size.
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                Cotswold, Hobbycrash Geyperman, and now Estrela keep me engaged. I love the boutique producers such as Loucosporbonecos.


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