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KY Joe show

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  • KY Joe show

    What's going on in Louisville? Has anybody got an update for those of us who couldn't attend?
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    Hey ATC (and others)! I'm here. Got in around 6:15 today in time for the preview. I ran into Scott Beckman looking over the show exclusives. Then checking out the PH trunk for cheap Joe's. I talked to Brian Becker and a couple of friends. There are 3 rooms now, and visiting all 3 gets you a Kentuckiana pin. I picked up a GI Vietnam Nurse for $20, and also snagged a Volcano Jumpers hood, the Navajo Code Talkers helmet, and the bipod and magazine for the Russian Infantryman. I will go back tomorrow looking for more loot. Having a good time so far. Unfortunately I still don't know many Trenchers by face, since this is only my third ever show and there hasn't been a Trenches gathering at any that I've attended. Pics to follow of my haul in the latest finds thread.


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      Great intel! Thanks for posting! I'll be waiting with abated breath for an update!!!

      What were the show exclusives this year? The last time I went I got a cool Buzz Aldrin astronaut uniform and box that's proudly displayed on a shelf in my living room. I didn't see what the show exclusive was this year.

      Standing by!
      - ATC


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        Click image for larger version

Name:	20210731_134054.jpg
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ID:	5213 You can see pics at the KY Joe Facebook group, but it's a paranormal investigator. Black hooded shirt and pants, a detector wand, and a cool orange swing top crate like the one from dangerous removal. The one with the yellow "bomb"
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          There's also a backpack yard patrol set, and a n add-on glow alien, ghost or something. There's also a PH exclusive set, but I can't recall what it is. Think it has something to do with air security. Could be mistaken. I'm out getting an oil change now, so operating purely from memory.
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            Shows nearly over. I'll post pics of my loot soon in my last finds thread.


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              Cool paranormal stuff! I had no idea that was the show exclusive. I'm not on facebook. I deleted Facebook Twitter and Instagram in disgust and will never use them again. 😉 I wonder what the PH exclusive was...
              It's hard to be a JoeHead without succumbing to the commie pinko tyrannical despotic SkyNet (google, amazon, facebook, instatgram, twitter, etc...)
              - ATC
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                Found out it was area 51 MP. Sold out quickly. I didn't get a photo.


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                  Sounds cool! I didn't see any photos or hear anything about it at all. Probably because I don't do Facebook. 😉


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                    Before anything, CONGRATS on your retirement Dave! You were missed. Will call soon and fill you in.

                    Here is what I just posted to the Facebook Group. Minor edits to remove tags and make better sense.

                    Kentuckiana GI Joe and Toy Expo, an After Action Report:

                    Rolled in around 1:30-2:00 on Friday to the show hotel (Hilton) and immediately ran to the back to see who all was getting ready to set up. We exchanged pleasantries with familiar faces and hugged a ton of folks, 2 years away from friends is a long time. It was like we had never left. Saw Ace, Ricky, Paul and of course Greg Brown all right off the bat. We kinda meandered onto the sales floor to visit folks and after awhile, Steve gently persuaded us to leave the sales floor which we obliged. We checked into the Hotel with little problems at the desk but somehow, we were assigned an occupied room (again! why does this always happen to us") The hotel was very apologetic and took care of it immediately, even got a bit of a refund for the mix-up. Sterling and Anna were with us this year and Sterling's best buddy from High School now lives in Louisville so we contacted him and we all met up for dinner, We had intended to go to the Cardinal Café which is right there in the parking lot but sadly, it was a Covid Casualty, (Don't despair! Word is a pasta restaurant is going in! and should be ready for next year) So we settled for Cracker Barrel which also was right there.

                    We got back and got our Colonel lanyards and went in for the early shopping. As always, that consisted of Char and I walking around and talking to everyone. I would see stuff and start my "piles" that would continue to grow throughout the weekend, Afterwards we sat in the lobby and talked until the wee hours. Saturday came way too fast and soon we were at it again. This was no normal Saturday though, there was something strange in the air. My curiosity was pegged when our kids, who had EVERY intention of sleeping in we bright eyed and bushy tailed at our door, waiting to start the day. So we discuss our morning options and I was like, well lets get breakfast. . .Char was like don't you want to be there when the doors open? I say, yeah, but everyone is up, lets eat. She says lets hit the sales floor first and then go.

                    Whatever, in over 30 years I never won an argument, why start now? LOL So at 9:00 we start to make our way in the cattle line into the sales floor. As we entered there was a commotion going on over in Ace's booth already and we walked towards it. We got about halfway to the booth when I saw it! The white haired Crew Cut 6 foot tall mannequin wearing MY CLOTHES standing in his booth with a $27,000 price tag holding one of the AP Joes. One of the AP's out of my personal collection I might add! What a lot of folks do not know is Linda Lum (Dreams and Visions) had 4 mannequins made to take on the convention circuit. Blonde, brunette, black and white headed. The white headed was her AP and he actually had my uniform on during the tour. Years ago she returned the uniform and I had often asked bout the mannequins, but really, never expected one. Long story short, Linda contacted Derryl DePreist wishing to make room in her garage and wanting to relocate the Fab Four. Derryl then contacted Ace, and Ace came up with a scheme to get me one. This thing seemed to have its own life as its story became very complex the more Charlotte attempted to decipher Ace's code of clear English and texted images. Long story short, Derryl now has two, Ace has one and I have one. Not gonna lie, seeing that guy wearing my BTS Army General t shirt made me laugh so hard I cried. And with that, the show was off to a great start.

                    Went into this show with no shopping list. Knew what I needed, and would get it if I found it. Otherwise I would get my Cots stuff and whatever else caught my eye. Things I picked up I have had on my radar forever: Original tail rudder for the Irwin jet copter and a French speaking AT Commander Both now checked off my list though I still have some assembly on the talker. OUI OUI! A grabbed up the two missing Star Wars guns I needed for my original toys (Leia and Blue Snaggletooth) I grabbed the trailer hitch pin for my project 5-Star as well. I also snatched up one of Mattsquatch Customs sets, Revenge of the Raptor and was blown away by the quality of the stitch work and thought behind the set. It is truly an AT throwback set, and that Raptor ain't no pygmy either. And I also grabbed up an outfit and rifle for my Lily Ledy figure I am working on. I also grabbed a couple of the 1/12 SPR figures to see what they are like. I pretty much stopped buying at that point because I had to leave room for a 6 foot Joe that was coming home with me.

                    Saturday evening Ace wanted me to show him how to flock heads and there were a few other folks interested so I brought my machine, Imagine my surprise when I went to set it up and there were like 25 people there! Did the best I could with the impromptu flock class but everyone seemed to enjoy it and I actually patched a head fairly seamlessly for the first time ever! With that, several of the fellas went back to the rear of the lobby and talked again until past mid night, thus ending the experience. Now the good the bad and what I would do to make it better.

                    GOOD: Steve Stovall and his brother (and Larry) could teach a class on how to put a show on. It isn't a large show but it is not small either, I would call it a comfortable size. Sales floor was never overly crowded, and the wide aisle made it easy to navigate and not interfere with transactions. The positive feeling of that show was contagious. everyone had a smile on their face from vendor to patron. It was truly special. Char and I were impressed with Steve's "Punch Card" logic. When you pay to enter you got a card. Each of the three rooms had a staff member who would punch your card upon entry. After you had entered all the rooms and got the holes punched you took it back to the registration table for a prize, It generated foot traffic to all three sales floors and added that hint of intrigue. Show exclusives. Steve never fails to come up with something awesome and this year was no different, loved the Area 51 theme. If you missed out, you will regret it. Last of all, the product variety was top shelf. if you wanted it, it was probably there. A lot of hard to find stuff going for bargain prices, (When is the last time you went to a show and saw a French speaking Commander, a Silver Streak and an unused Circle X Ranch in one setting?)

                    The BAD: Cardinal Cafe being closed, loved their chicken. Also, missing friends who for whatever reason could not attend. Lastly, missing Danny Garrett, I saw him, and in a blink of an eye he disappeared and never got a chance to catch up to him.

                    HOW TO MAKE IT BETTER: This one I struggled with. Maybe get Larry a red bedazzled blazer that is as bright as his smile. Thats about it. Char and I love this show. Sure its close to us, but it is really a good show. It is fitting that there is a Cracker Barrel right there because you literally want to walk the sales floor in your socks and just spend lazy days wandering thru the vendors. Steve's show is the comfort food of shows. But, without the grits, because nobody eats that crap anyway! Had a ball Steve and it was great to see all our friends again!

                    Special thanks again to Steve Stovall for hosting the event, Derryl DePreist and Ace Allgood for making me laugh and honestly making my year, for everyone who patiently watched my flocking tutoral and didn't laugh when I almost glued the rubber glove to my face.

                    All in all, it was a great show. Dave you were missed.
                    - Scott
                    PH and Proud
                    Bulletmann - Hyatta
                    See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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                      Dave, this is the only photo I've found so far of the Area 51 soldier. I'll post others if I find them. I think they only made like 40 of them, so they went quick.


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                        Sounds like an AWESOME event. Sorry I had to miss it. The mannequin must have been a real impressive collectable! Glad it was a surprise for you -- what a hoot! Not an easy secret to keep! I still have my boxed crewcut Joe on the shelf in my Joe Room with your name tape on his jacket... I think it's the only "MIB" Joe that I own. The Area 51 MP would have been a cool one to pick up... there are 40 or so lucky JoeHeads out there who each got one. Fun! I'll be there next year! Thanks for the awesome update!
                        - Anti-Facebook ATC


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