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Will you ever stop collecting?

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  • Will you ever stop collecting?

    It doesn't have to be about just Joe, but collecting in general, since I'm sure all of us collect other things. Me, I collect comics, vintage Star Wars, monster stuff, both 3 3/4" and 12" Joe, and video games. Will there ever become a time where you look at your collection and say "I got way too much stuff!" I have started to get to that point and had to rethink exactly what I collect, because I just don't have the room anymore. I'm not gonna stop, just had to cut back alittle and collect what I have always enjoyed, which I mentioned above. What about all of you?
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    I reached that point with my Star Wars collection a few years ago. I ended up seeing that I had boxes of carded and packaged POTF2 figures and ships, and they were not displayed, and it was a pain to even take them out of the packaging. I also felt the time was right to sell since prices were good. So I began selling until I have only a small collection now, with very few packaged items. Most of those are the ESB Black Series 6" figures, since the faces are photo-realistic now. And I have my original toys from 1978 still.

    With Gi Joe, I reached the same point with 40th stuff a couple of years back. I sold most of my 40th boxed figures and also some convention sets and even some of the club figures and uniforms. I have since bought back one of the uniforms and regretted selling it.

    I collect a lot of other things too, but I'm not a completist about anything. I buy what I like, and I keep what I can display. I hope to display much more of my vintage Gi Joe collection in the next few years. If I can't, then I may end up selling a lot of those too. When I sell things, I usually plough the money raised into more things I currently collect. That keeps it fun for me.


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      NOOOO way!!
      I my wife and our families assume I will die one day and they will have to figure out what to with it. While I dont buy as much anymore, I cant imagine getting ride of it.
      I still enjoy having my collection of old Joes. Love to share and show non-Joe folks my stuff. They always freak out. Dont do it as much anymore but every now and then I do like watching folks freak and become nostalgic for their own Joe adventures.


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        I don't "collect" anymore. I bought plenty of Joes over the years... but upon reflection, don't think I was ever a "collector." I never had an urge to get things to "complete a set." Never really interested in displaying anything, either. I'm a bad collector, I guess. Shame on me!
        When the kids were little, I got out my old childhood GI Joes and let them play with my stuff (all but Old Joe, the oldest and wisest of all the GI Joes). They broke tons of vintage stuff I'd carefully preserved since the 1960s, but I didn't care. (I had no idea what the stuff was worth at the time pre-internet, or I'd probably have sold it all.) They were having fun and we were making memories, so THAT was my "value."
        Then came the "clicky" joes (practically indestructible and great for kids), CC, 21C, and ME, then TC, SA, and 40th. I ended up buying stuff that'd be fun for me and the kids to actually PLAY with, and the stuff evolved as the kids got a little older. Eventually vintage style and SA dominated the battlefield. I customized vehicles and came up with some wargame rules so we could stage battles in living room or back yard (the rule set started as warship battle rules for Lego, but kinda evolved into a GI JOE wargame rule set). We ended up building squads more than anything, since wargaming with Joes was our "thing," We had a blast! Those were the Golden Years when I was in San Antonio with the club (where I met Korea Rick at the San Antonio Joe convention "mosh pit" and later met GI Defender who visited our local club while TDY). I did some customization of vehicles to suit OTHER interests (like when my son got interested in Estes rockets, I built a 6-wheeled rocket-launching 5-star jeep to launch them). Fun times!
        Eventually the kids got older and outgrew me. They discovered girls, motorcycles, and such. Now I've got a whole room dedicated to GI Joe stuff in our Empty Nester house, and it pretty much just gathers dust. Sometimes I don't even go into the room for weeks at a time. I'm waiting for grandkids now.
        I fear that when I die there'll be a ton of stuff going to landfills, because nobody would take the time to figure out what I've GOT, and by then anyone who'd want to buy it would be long dead anyway. (Who'd bother to figure out what the vintage talking foreign head joe wearing a Cots hunting jacket, TC aussie hat, 40th trousers, original AT low black boots, 1970s AT hunting rifle and vintage green beret ascot would be "worth?") Everything I have is so "kitbashed" that it defies categorization like a "collection" would have. Everything would have to be inventoried piecemeal and "valued" bit by bit, then sold (probably on Ebay); it would be a MAMMOTH undertaking. I probably won't live long enough to complete the job anyway, so why bother? I'll just enjoy playing with grandkids (when they come) and they can take whatever they want... all the rest will probably go to a landfill after I'm gone. I won't care... 'cuz I'll be gone! ;-)
        Grandkid #1 is only 6 months old. But he's growing fast! :-)
        - ATC


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