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What's your Top Three?

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  • What's your Top Three?

    Of all your GIJOE stuff, what are your Top Three coolest, most awesome pieces that you aren't ever letting go?
    For me, it's
    1) My Old Joe from 1965. He was my buddy through lots of moves and changes in neighborhoods. Max nostalgia with Old Joe.
    2) My first Adventure Team figure, Originally an Air Adventurer, he's been reflocked and now wears an AT Commander uniform.
    3) My crewcut USAF Air Police with the GIDEFENDER name tag, because of the incredibly cool backstory (one of my few MIB Joes).

    What's YOUR Top Three?
    - ATC
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    Mine are:
    1) My first HH Land Adventurer which I purchased from Ebay. He has the best flocking and best uniform of any of my LAs. My first and only Gi Joe was a Land Adventurer, and he is lost to history. If I ever find him, he'll be #1.
    2) My Adventure Team HQ, which I pieced together from 3 separate HQs. I had one of these as a kid. Now this one is my replacement, and I really love it.
    3) My AT Commander that I fixed and even fixed the talking mechanism. He cleaned up really well, and was so broken before restoration. He has a special place in my collection.


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      For me, in no particular order:

      1)My red head SOTW that I got for Christmas in the early 80's. I have been fixing him up(he has been on MANY adventures and needed some TLC)and turning him into a German Stormtrooper. I haven't done much with him in a few years, since G.I.Joe Classified and RAH Joes have been taking up my time. Need to start showing some love to my vintage 12" Joes.

      2)My Muscle body AT guy that I bought brand new off the store shelves. Don't remember the year.

      3)Mike Power that I also bought brand new off the shelve. Again, don't remember the year.

      Honorable mentions:

      My first AT helicopter(I have 2), that was also bought brand new off the shelve around the same time as the figures.
      My AT Talking Commander, who, when I got him, his talking box wasn't working very well. During on of the Joe Con chats we did online at the old AOL Trenches(the name escapes me), I was able to get the voice sounding better. It was a fun time having the chat help me fix it.
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        My first GI Joe from 1964, just a basic Soldier. Christmas present in 1964 while my Dad was stationed at Ft Richardson AK. We lived in a two story 6-plex? I guess it would have been, in base housing. Joe would often parachute from my second story window with a cloth surgical mask as a parachute! Many (okay, all!) hard landings.
        My GI Joe Green Beret. Although not originally a Green Beret, I got the accessory pack and he became one, and stayed one.
        GI Joe Crash Crew. Like the Green Beret, he started as a soldier but was transformed with the accessory pack.
        Least favorite was when I got the Air Force Officer accessory pack for birthday or Christmas! Seemed pretty boring to me back then.


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          Red-headed Marine is my all-time favorite. That's what I got in 64 from Santa and remains my favorite to this day.

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