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GI Joe CC "As seen on TV" accessory set review

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  • GI Joe CC "As seen on TV" accessory set review

    We have all seen the reviews and opinions on the club's incentive figure. Love him or hate him, he is kind of the odd duck in any collection. As I had stated in a previous thread, I was intrigued enough by it and it did grow on me once I had the figure in hand, So I decided to go ahead and pull the trigger on the the accessory set. This way I could better prepare myself in the event I wanted to by the whole set as I had pondered.

    Before I get to the pics, I want to point out I added more black paint to the eyes and it made a world of difference from the way he arrived. Does not look near as sleepy and now looks closer to a 69 soft head than an earlier 64 hard head which would have been more along the lines of the time-frame advertised. But hey, this guy has already been nit picked to death. Also, as a reminder, these are COLOR photos of the figure. Taken on a white back ground. This figure literally plays tricks with your mind trying to process it in a colorized world. It is really a great illusion in hand.

    When dressed in his uniform and helmet, it really accents the figure well. The accessory set consists of the box with black and white graphics (NOTE: it is the larger sized talker box so when you dress the figure he will fit in the box comfortably and you wont have to bust the seams storing him away), field jacket with draw string and snap cuffs, uniform with two pocket shirt, boots, helmet with netting, web belt, two M-1 ammo pouches, M-1 rifle with bayonet, six grenades and dog tags. Not included in this set were; fatigue hat, foliage for the helmet netting, rank insignia and reproduction box inserts.

    The uniform itself is very good quality and stitched very well. I particularly like the collars on both the shirt and jacket. The collars lay very well. My only real complaint over all on the uniform is the jacket does not have the two buttons on the epaulets. But the jacket is far more advanced than the 40th version most are accustomed to. The zipper has a pull tab and not the string pull like recent versions. Only thing missing is the YKK. And I looked.

    Dressed, the figure really is quite a neat piece. I don't know how folks can get these colors so close to the old black and white, but the club pulled it off with these accessories. Construction-wise they are fairly close to what we have seen in the 40th run. The uniform fits better than the it's vintage predecessor which I found surprising. The boots were similar in feel as the original, but I wont be wearing them out taking them off and putting them back on of the figure. If they get damaged I can't replace them. Actually, can't replace any of it if it breaks so I am treating these with kid gloves.

    All in all, I am glad I picked this up. Sadly, I have passed on the last three add on sets, (Isotope, Mike Power and MOA) because they were not really my bag. This one I am glad I picked up.

    Things I like about this set:

    The over-all construction of the accessories is well executed. The uniform is tailored nicely and drapes the figure well

    The (non) colorization. A true illusion in color (or not?). You decide.

    The larger box. Was middle of the road when I first heard of this idea but in hand, it makes sense. Also, gone are the advertised club exclusives on the sides. Replaced by images from the original Television advertisements. A nice tribute.

    The choice of the Combat Field Jacket accessory set. This to me is the perfect choice with the inclusion of the helmet. Outfits a soldier prepped for battle, making him truly a fighting man from head to toe. (See what did there?)

    Things I would have done differently:

    Included a fatigue hat. True, we all have a ton of them, but not in this variation. Would have been nice to have a black and white version of the original head wear we could use as an option for the display.

    Added rank insignia sheet in black and white

    Added black and white box inserts.

    (NOTE: the rank and inserts in my opinion would not have effected the set's over-all price. No reason why these were omitted)

    Added the foliage for the helmet netting, (or not include the netting). When placed on the helmet it covers the figures eyes or if you manipulate it so it is not obstructing his vision it looks like a shower cap. Never was a fan as a kid, not a fan as an adult.

    Things I did not like:

    The over-all shine of the accessories, the gleam needs to be toned down. Especially on the ammo pouches.

    The buckle on the rifle sling.

    Size of the web belt. The slider is just for show. The belt has just enough material to go around his waist with the jacket on and that is it. If for some reason you wanted to let the belt out a bit more, well you would be out of luck.

    The "As it first appeared on TV" graphic did not need to be on the box.

    Lastly, the "not" having a discount if you wanted to buy this set and the three companion figures. I can honestly say, I would have bought the set site unseen had there been a group discount for a package deal. I spoke with Brian and he explained the logistics behind his decision to not do a grouping. I am not the business man, I am the consumer so I just kind of shrugged it off because his explanation made as much sense to me as my knowledge of brain surgery.

    In closing, for the $65 I spent I am happy, Club still has them on their site. I think it is a great compliment to the figure and honestly there is not much else you can do with him but make him a corpse or zombie.

    While you are browsing the store, the other three figures are still there as well for $90 each. These fellas I most likely will snatch up at the convention.
    - Scott
    PH and Proud
    Bulletmann - Hyatta
    See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/
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    Very good review. Thanks!!!


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      A very deetailed review with good photos, nice one..

      The rifle strap buckle looks good, I have some on my vintage Action Man weapons, I find it's a very useful addition and allows the strap length to be altered to personal taste, some straps on the reissued M1 rifle were a little bit too short and unforgiving.

      A real 1:1 scale M1 Garand rifle:

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        Vintage Joes in 64 did not have the buckle on the sling which is why I don't like it. Since this is supposed to represent the early years, the original sling would just be an elastic strip. You could re position the ringlet from the end of the fore grip to the lower ringlet an inch further down if you wanted to adjust the length. Not sure why you included a pic of a real M-1, folks here should be well aware of what one looks like. As a collector of antique fire arms, I have quite a few WWII era weapons. But that is for another topic on another board.
        - Scott
        PH and Proud
        Bulletmann - Hyatta
        See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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          There was something in his post about the way the light behaves with the wood of the stock and butt. Not sure why he took it out.


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            Nice review, very thorough. Thanks!
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              I personally was let down by the clubs last offering. I don't see a reason to make a black and white Joe. Many on the collectors forum have asked for the Joe Nurse. I'm thinking you were one of them. I didn't care if the figure had a modern body.
              I didn't care if it had painted hair. Only that it had a different head sculpt from the helicopter pilot. And I don't think the uniform would be any more difficult to make than others. I would have much preferred that figure over a "TV" version of Joe.

              The only reason I renewed for this year was to see what they did with the last newsletters. I don't have the accessory set, and I don't know what to do with my figure but to sell it. I can't think of any reason to keep it, other than the fact it's the last
              figure the club made.
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                Farewell G.I. Joe club. You will be missed.


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