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Joe website needs optimization

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  • Joe website needs optimization

    GIJOE Website help needed! Finally came into this century and got a smartphone. Just checked my Joe site, and it's TERRIBLE via cell phone! Can't click on most links because the link gifs are so small. Formatting is a mess. Pics are tiny. Is there an app or program I can run to transmogrify it into a phone/tablet--friendly site? (I'm practically a computer moron, by the way.). Or should I just pull the plug on my site, and not worry about it?

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    Hi ATC,

    The same problem also applies to my Action Man web site when viewed on smartphones, I've designed my site via a desktop computer and also looks good on laptops. I've just been to your site and it looks very good on my 27" monitor screen (I've now added your site to my favourites), you need to make an important sticky notice on your Joe site to viewers, to tell them to select the "Options" menu on their smartphones (normally found on the top right side of their phone screens when viewing the web) and make sure "Desktop View" or "Web Version" is ticked, then they will see how your site is supposed to be seen in all it's glory. When viewing my website on a smartphone it doesn't show all the graphics designs and correct colours, instead you get a white background colour ( I spent 3 years on and off designing my site). I just wish folks would use their proper computers when at home to view websites in all their full glory, and only use their smartphones when out and about for temporary communications. I find using desktop and laptop computers (with their larger screens) a far more enjoyable web browsing experience.


    My site link: http://www.actionmanworld.com/t112-h...-site-properly
    Fall in A, fall in B, fall in all the company!


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      AWESOME INTEL! Thanks a boodle!


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        I like your website! Definitely don't get rid of it!


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          I concur, do not terminate. It's a fun little site. I like it.

          Especially since several of us over on AMMO were looking for AM/Joe Wargame rules a couple months back. I've posted a link to your site there, and I'm eager to see what the guys think.


          • ATC
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            I'm curious to know what they think, too!!!
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          Would you be interested in drafting an Adventure Team themed set of Wargame rules?


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            There is a section in there that covers non-combat stuff. I had AT in mind when I added those.😀


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              Ah, well I did only heavily peruse the rule set.

              Too excited to finish.


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                LMK how the "play-testers" like it! So far it's just been gamed by me and my kids.


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                  Well I will certainly attempt something, even if it's by myself., which might lend some interesting "Solo-Play" rules for 3.1? (i.e. The Adventurer comes across a venomous snake [16 Poison, 20 Speed, 2 Endurance], roll for snake, roll for The Adventurer. The Snake Strikes and misses, roll for the Adventurer, roll for the Snake. The Adventurer incapacitates the snake.)

                  Also, a thought while I was at work today, Mike Power/Atomic Man rule(s). x2 Speed and Strength, X-Ray Vision (all three at the cost of a turn where you can't use him for a recharge period). Mandatory Skill: Engineering. Advanced Degree: Nuclear Physics.

                  Just a thought.

                  At any rate, the COMBAT game has ignited a certain spark of imagination and creativity I haven't felt in a long time.


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                    Good! I'm happy it helped spark some of that interest and imagination that we seem to ignore in our hurry-up world of obligations and commitments. Adding a super-section for bulletman, Mike power, intruders, etc is an AWESOME idea!!! As with any RPG rules, the trick is to balance realism and playability. In the end, someone will always complain that it's not realistic enough, or that the game is too cumbersome and not easily playable. Striking the balance can be a real challenge.


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                      Another "technical skill" I thought of a few days back:

                      This skill can be appreciably useful when it comes to infiltrating enemy facilities, or slipping behind enemy lines. Primarily used for the gathering of intelligence, either in planned enemy movements, enemy strength, fortifications, or similar. Provides a +2 Charisma boost when Joe is confronted with an inquisitive foe. (Use of the Mask from the Secret Agent set gives an additional +3 to Charisma for a total of +5 added to Charisma).


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                        I've got other little notes and ideas, would you prefer me PM you?


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                          Great idea! Yes, we should probably pm. I like your direction!


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                            Hi ATC! I agree with previous comments that you should not pull the plug on your site, it’s great! I especially enjoyed reading about your Sten mod to make an AT submachine gun! And while I understand your desire to upgrade the site, as someone who browses exclusively on an iPhone, the site is not that difficult to navigate.

                            One thing I did notice however is that the link to “AT Air Adventurer Review” is dead. I enjoyed reading your review of the Timeless MOA, is the Air Adventurer review still available somewhere?


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