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Totally Inaccurate...but Fun Brit Kitbash!!!

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  • Totally Inaccurate...but Fun Brit Kitbash!!!

    I had a lot of fun using a bunch of totally inaccurate parts to pull together a "sort of" British Zulu War soldier from the 1870s. This all started by happenstance - as I had finally ordered the Action Man British Lifeguards breastplates when they were on sale from Cotswold last Christmas. Well the set also came with the Lifeguard sword and white belt (which I already had with my reproduction Lifeguard - I just needed the breastplates.) So I thought about maybe trading the sword and belt or selling it...but then it suddenly reminded me of the British soldiers during the Zulu War in 1879. I had gotten the Cotswold white pith helmet in an ebay lot many years ago. I also had an extra (not in great shape) Action Man RCMP Mountie tunic from another lot - (and hey, it's Red!)

    So I looked around and pulled these all together...along with some KO blue pants and some of those KO short black boots (that weren't cut down - which look kind of cool - almost like riding boots). I didn't have any white straps, so I thought about my repro GIJoe arctic white backpack (which has white straps). So putting all that together looked pretty good...and I added a French Label Rifle that may be from around the late 1800s. I put all this on my Gearbox 1860s Fireman figure (since he has the cool period-type mustache)...and I think it turned out great! The only accurate piece is the Cots white Pith helmet...but hey, I had a lot of fun pulling together something kind of cool out of a bunch of random odds and ends! So I hope you enjoy my cobbled-together version of this British - Zulu War soldier!!! Have a Great Joe Day and have fun playing with your Joes!!!
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    All the items mix together suprisingly well, that's the fun of kitbashing from your spare/loose items box, nice one.
    Fall in A, fall in B, fall in all the company!


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      Thanks amwic...it was a lot of fun. Since he's wearing the RCMP jacket...maybe he's a Canadian volunteer with the Brit Army!


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        Excellent use of junk box parts! Huzzah!!!


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          I really like this figure, including the head you chose. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


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            He’s pretty cool!


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              Thanks Guys... The best part is that it's almost like having a brand new action figure in my collection - even though I've had this figure and all the various pieces for many years. Just a matter of creating something new out of old stuff!


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