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Question for AT folks

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  • Question for AT folks

    I bought a Sea Adventurer at the Con. I just noticed, that he has blue eyes. Does anyone know if there were Sea Adventurers made with blue eyes? I've only seen brown so far. Any help from the experts here would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    I have three vintage Sea Adventurer heads, all have brown eyes. Yours might be an error, or more likely, a reflock.


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      Any way to tell if it's a reflock?


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        Others may be able to speak better to that, I’ve seen some excellent reflocks from folks like Ray at Flock Concepts that look indistinguishable (to my eye) from originals. That being said, if the flock looks good, I’d say you got something good, regardless of the eye color. Speaking only for myself, I’d rather have a nice reflock than an original flock with holes and thin spots.


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          If you can post a photo. It is easier to look at it and tell than to speculate. Not discounting it is a factory error, but not leaning in that direction.

          I would think by your description it is a reflock. Keep in mind, the numbers of land adventurers and talking commanders that sold vs the sea and air adventurers. (2-1)

          I know I have done a considerable amount of reflocking and have accidentally flocked blue eyed figures red or blonde in the past. I correct them but it isn't easy. You have to wait for the glue to set, then re-strip it and reflock it. After a couple of found mistakes I am much more careful now.
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            Here are some headshots.


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              Judging by the apparent coarseness to the flock, and the general color, I'm inclined to say reflock, but would be happy to be corrected.


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                The beard mask seems a little off from the original flocking, so it might be a re-flock. But... Hasbro did flock over painted hair Joes very early into the AT production and I've seen some odd hair/air combinations. Try to check the scalp and see if there's painted hair under there.
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                  If I saw it in a bin of Joes, I'd think "reflock."


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