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Repairing damaged faces

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  • Repairing damaged faces

    I have a talking astronaut with some 410 gauge damage to his face. it looks like four pellets on the right side and one pellet on the left. The pellets are long gone, but the holes are still there! Anybody have any suggestions for filling holes like this?
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    I suggest use the Tip of a Hot Glue Gun . with out the Glue and try to close the Holes up.
    Or mix E- 6000 Adhesive with Modge Podge Glue and Sealer.
    found at any Wally Mart or Craft Store.


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      forgot to mention apply Glue Hybrid with Match Stick


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        option mix Acrylic Paint flesh Color wi h
        2 Part Epoxy Adhesive .
        And fill Holes.
        Or Thin Vinyl Adhesive Cut the hair with Acetone.
        That all i can come up with


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          I'd keep them. Looks like crash damage to me.

          My Aquanaut has these peculiar lines down both sides of his face. I'm calling them war wounds from his pre-69 Navy SEAL days in Nam.

          But if you really are set on repairing him, check out this thread: http://actionmanhq.co.uk/forum/showt...highlight=held

          Quite the turnaround.


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            My last resort will be to reflock the poor guy and give him a beard.
            I'd hate to do that to this figure, though, since his noggin is OTHERWISE in great shape.
            Click image for larger version

Name:	SmFlock.jpg
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            That will be my last resort.


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              Like I said, it's a wonderful character mark, makes him stick out as unique among your collection.

              My Aquanaut is my favorite PH for those scar things on his face.


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                My initial reaction is to leave him the way he is.

                You might try mixing some DAP Alex Plus with flesh colour paint and fill the holes. It should stay flexible after it drys and would be a little more translucent than regular paint.


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                  Dap Plus is .good stuff.
                  i have cast it for Special Joe Project.
                  BathRoom Chalking can also be mix with Acrylic Paint.
                  Good tip Joe 90


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                    I have been working on a similar problem. I read on one of The Face Book Joe sites. That you heat a metal pin or like object and melt the damage areas then later carefully sand. I have not tried this so I can not recommend it. Normally I wouldn't try something like this without trying on a practice head first. I picked up an original EE redhead with 2 small dart holes I couldn't see in auction pics. Still working out best solution for my issue.


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                      Try the Hot Glue Gun.
                      this is Barbie Collectors .
                      Close Holes in the Head of Bsrbies.
                      I done this on Joes with Hands which were attack by a Dog .
                      This smooth the tip over.
                      And close the Holes


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                        Heat scares me on an old vintage head. I think I'll give the caulking and paint mix a try first. Thanks for all the inputs!
                        - ATC


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                          Can't say I would do most of these suggestions. I usually find a creative way to mask them by either weathering the "wound" or hiding it in a specific uniform where you can't see it. (them)

                          I have fixed scuff and gouges, but bb-pellet damage is difficult.

                          Personally, I would stay away from heat period. Also, make sure when you mix pigment in epoxy you use something that will actually mix with the epoxy. Some paints are water based and have a terrible reaction when mixed with epoxy.

                          My suggestion is to leave him original, and put him in an Astro suit with helmet. Or maybe a Crash Crew,
                          - Scott
                          PH and Proud
                          Bulletmann - Hyatta
                          See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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                            What? No one suggested toothpaste yet? I like the dap idea..


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                              What .do you. Do WITH THE Tooth Paste


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