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What is everyone's opinion on repro parts?

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    I have gotten really into vintage Joe collecting only recently - like this summer. Before that I was a 40th and Timeless collector only. I like things about both. I agree with Scott, I would never use repro body parts in a vintage Joe - but only for those I have a mind to someday sell. The ones I plan to keep will sport a few repro accessories just to help complete the sets. Good example is the staff from the Mouth of Doom set. Another would be the blue parachute pack from Fantastic Freefall. I finally found one that's intact (vintage), but so many are broken I'm almost afraid to use it. So I'll be on the lookout for a 40th version of the set, just for the accessories. I also like the Timeless figures. Repro accessories rock. I should have held onto more of mine. (sold a lot of 40th gear on the Trenches site a few years ago).


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      I like reproductions. For a while, they were cheaper. Now the price is almost negligible.

      At any rate, repro gear is generally unbroken, repro unis are generally clean.

      I think Joe40 figures aren't that great, sub-par sculpt, comparatively grey complexion, and fragile clear connector/joint pins lead to many dismembered Joes.

      ME Joes and Timeless Joes are great, but the gear is sometimes a little wonky (holsters come to mind).

      I think the VAM40 line is great all around (except the EE heads). I think the sculpts are nice, bodies firm, unis are fantastic. Equipment is terrific (find a VAM40 Bazooka card, it actually works!).

      The VAM50 line is fair, the bodies are a little tight, and the KFG (yes, GI Joe's KFG instead of Action Man's gripping hands) are hard and a little unforgiving, the same thing happened to our GIJCC figures in 2017, and 2018 (after the Club broke their molds) so I think Hasbro's to blame, there.

      I don't have a Geyperman, or a Falcon, but I look forward to the day I might.

      My collection is a nice mix, vintage, repro, from this side of the pond, and the other.


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        Oh, and don't ask Matt McKeeby his opinion on repros. (He's the curator of Vintage3DJoes)

        He's of the "Repros are all crap and they're devaluing Vintage stuff" school of thought.

        Which is fine, everyone has a fair opinion, but he's exceptionally wordy about that one. Lol


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          I think another aspect of the repros is that it returned Joe back to being more commonly collected and added people to the hobby. I remember in the 90's, Joe Prices were insanely high, and it was difficult to collect. I believed that repros helped free numerous captive Joes in those antique/ collector shops. Again, I can understand purist aspect of collecting. I am just not a fan of the more extreme ivory tower types who have access to the "crème de la crème" and we must drool at their 20 mint JMFs, while we great unwash must wait for a MJF to be find in the wild and hope we can afforded it. Can't we have a nice place holder? LOL. The GI Joe Club did a brilliant Green Beret set. Still looking at the their JMF set.


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            I think we can do without calling out folks for how they choose to collect. Hard core vintage collectors are very out-spoken regarding repro parts. I personally am out spoken about "some" repro parts. Also, I do not cross pollinate vintage and repro.

            To defend the higher end collector, when repros such as the 40th AM Tank Commander radio hit the market, all of a sudden hundreds of mint tripods were flooding eBay. If you are in the market to sell a vintage one, it is difficult because collectors are hesitant thinking it may be a repro or your item is way over priced. If you are the seller you are all smiles because that single radio just bought a few more 40th sets, to be parted out and put on eBay. Thankfully there are "high end" collectors who spot the fakes and will answer any question provided you ask them. I know JoeZeta and I have talked several times about pieces listed as vintage and turned out to be fake. Before anyone drops serious cash on anything they need to do the homework. Not everyone in this hobby is honest.

            I do not collect as an investment or a business, but some do and that is totally their prerogative. I collect to preserve the history of the toy I loved as a child. My vintage pieces are far from mint and yes some I have restored repainted or repaired. But it is what makes me happy. I have learned a lot regarding vintage and variations in this hobby over the last 30+ years. Sharing and helping is what I like most about the hobby. Much like 3D Joes. Lord knows one thing this hobby needed for years was a vintage era reference site. Matthew has created an incredible tool we all use.

            Off the soap box and onto the thread,

            40th Joes were solid figures with bad heads. AM 40ths fall apart sitting on the shelf but had nicer heads. My heavy weapons guy literally fell into pieces as I was cleaning the shelf. Lifted him by his head and both boots with the feet still in them stayed on the shelf as both calves disintegrated.

            The accessories are a little too spot on, but visually, they were quite the eye candy. However the SCUBA suits were hot garbage. The blue jacket melted off my figure in a matter of weeks. The clean up work on the uniforms goes to Hasbro as well. But Variety goes to AM.
            - Scott
            PH and Proud
            Bulletmann - Hyatta
            See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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              I Agree with Aiwaloh you donot have pure oringinal Joe's to enjoy the Hobby
              not every body
              got the or the need to hunt online for that only
              O.E M Joe Parts.
              it about enjoying the Hobby about
              remembering those Fun times
              to play not as before but a new level so it doenot
              matter old new or
              from another part of World. If 12"
              iam in


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                Hi Scott. I was trying to be tongue and cheek (or foot in mouth) and poke fun at our more extreme friends who have obtained absorbent amount of holy grails, that us envious collectors, like myself, would be happy in owning one. As I am writing, there is a person hording a warehouse of boxed vintage AT flying space astronauts that upon his death, with orders in his will, that they all be destroyed. LOL.

                There are some great "Top End" collectors like Mathew, who you pointed out, who love Joe, its history, hosts a fantastic, if not one of the best, Joe websites and educates us. I am sorry, after I rereading the thread, if it appeared that I was criticizing him or particular type of collector.

                You make very valid points. I agree with you that there are shady people passing off repro as originals which is wrong. There is a problem with people who fall into this stuff and unwitty sell it as original. There are trade offs. With the AM Tanker legs as you stated, while it may have decreased the value of the originals, it probably saved and preserved many of the vintage incomplete radio boxes. I also think that the people who needed the legs would have bought them anyway, knowing that they were repo, as there was a demand for them. This does reminds me of the AT Joe in the 90's being sold with perfect heads of hair that were reflocked before reflocking become main stream. Now they are floating around and few would notice.

                I do tend to think that the repros make the hobby more fun and expanded the collecting wave.

                I still can't get over how well AM 40th line was done in their diversity of sets verse our own 40th GIJOE line.


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                  No offense taken Jay. My response was a general statement, not aimed at you.

                  - Scott
                  PH and Proud
                  Bulletmann - Hyatta
                  See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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                    Scott, I was taken aback by your observation that the AM40th figures aren't very durable. I have several in my collection, but not displayed. Is there a certain way I should store them to preserve them? Thank you.


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                      Play with them, lol.

                      I have a handful, and they haven't broken (knock on wood). I think it's because I regularly get them out and exercise them.

                      Keeps them loose, like the strings on a guitar. You can't store a guitar if the strings are tight, and a VAM40's strings are very tight.

                      Speaking of detuning a sedentary guitar, I gotta do mine...
                      Last edited by ActionYankee; 01-03-2019, 01:38 AM.


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                        Oh, I"m big on opening and playing/posing/fussing with my toys. I'm primarily a Mego collector (can I say that here? ) and they get a lot of love. My Joes aren't handled quite as much, I store them in Cotswold boxes.


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                          Can't answer that. Mine that fell apart was the Heavy Weapons set. Both shins crumbled at the ankle.
                          - Scott
                          PH and Proud
                          Bulletmann - Hyatta
                          See photos of my collection on my Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/scottbeckmann/gi-joe/


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                            Whereas my heavy weapons guy (Clint, AM collectors generally name their guys), has held up wonderfully.

                            I think I just got lucky with all my guys.


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