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Anyone Collecting "Modern" Action Man?

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  • Anyone Collecting "Modern" Action Man?

    I recently saw a boxed Action Man "Crimebuster and Raid" figure for sale in a local flea market (I'm in the USA). It was marked "rare" and priced at around $37.00. It made me think about the brief foray of "modern" Action Man in the USA back in the 1990's. I remember buying the Snowboard Raider because his body articulation was far superior to the 30th Anniversary GI Joes. I think he came out before the release of Classic Collection GI Joes.

    Does anyone here in the US or overseas actively collect 1990's/early 2000's MAM? Or still have them from back in the day? And was $37 a fair price for CB & R?

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    From what I've read, that set is a Hasbro USA product from 1995. So I don't know if it was sold overseas at all.


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      I get them loose make good overall Figure.
      I use on for a 30 Th Action Soldier Swao the Heads
      I get some more when I find them


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        I collect them also. I also search out the 12 inch Starting Lineup figures because they used the improved articulation AM body. I will switch a 30th Anniversary head onto the SL body and the have a Joe that is almost as articulate as a Classic Collection Joe.


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          I remember seeing these, I was less interested in the Action Man figures as they seemed to eschew the military aesthetic for extreme sports/adventure. But I loved the Dr. X figure with the purple spandex and “toxic flowing gut.” Classic 90’s right there.


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            I done same thing .
            when I find a STL it this look right St Head on IAM Body any way.


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              I have a brother-in-law who lives in Antwerp, Belgium since mid 90’s. When we visited in late 90’s I went to the mall toy store and got a few Action Man figures. There was also a used toy store down the corner where they lived. I have a few figures that speak Dutch. I have the DEA, the sensor figure that fought Dr X, the space millennial figure with the watch wast bans watch, rock climber, the swat dude with the satellite backpack and a couple of the parachute figures. I may have missed one or two. I traded the moon vehicle and figure a few years back. Miss that one.
              Dave T. Retired LEO


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