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Received Email about the Club adding more product to their web site for sale

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  • Received Email about the Club adding more product to their web site for sale

    If you haven't been back to look, this week they have added a number of 12 in products.

    They have several "Green Tagged" examples listed.

    While I have a few unpainted prototypes in my collection I haven't worked in any of the "green tagged" Hasbro/Kenner standard pieces.

    What are the members thoughts on the value of these green tagged items?

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    Value equals what you're willing to pay for it!


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      They are cool to have but like ATC stated, the value equals what you are willing to pay for it. I have a green tagged CC armored car that I won at the convention in KC in 2001. Even though I know what the tag means, I don’t think it would sell for more than $50.00 today, if that much.


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        That is a very good point. Vendor Supplied Products (VSP's) used to be widely sought after. Unpainted sculpts and wrong colored accessories were seen as highly collectible. Now days, folks don't know what they are and are not interested in them or their story.

        Prototypes fetch a little bit better open market, but nothing like they used to.

        In the 1990's and early 2000's those green tagged items were money. Now? They are abandoned toys with a tag taped to them that means nothing to the buyer. I honestly can't see folks knocking the door down to buy a tagged boxed Rock and Roll HOF figure for $115. Or a CC figure for $150. Especially when todays collectors (who grew up with HOF and CC figures) can buy the figures MIB for $10-$15.

        There are some nice bargains in their but some odd ball items too. I like the Woody from Toy Story accessory pack. The snake and the boot. Makes no sense to me what so ever. But hey if I want one I can just have Jack Hall make me one. The prices dropped on the black and white figure sets and I will say, the Marine and the Pilot sets are well worth the price. Same with the lost talkers.

        I wish Brian well, but these latest items and their prices have me scratching my head.
        - Scott
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        Bulletmann - Hyatta
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          Well I pick up some of the 12 inch Con Bonus that I missed . I even brought some for my buddy Bill. I see that Brian is used e-bay prices on some of the stuff. The green tags don't WOW me now like they use to. The 12 inch Con jackets sold fast , some stuff sold out fast. A word of warning once it over that it no more stuff from Club. I find it funny when the Club sold the 12 inch Con Sets at blow out price under $200.00. Now on e-bay some prices are head scratching like the Polar Bear Attack at 560.00 . The one set that really drop like a rock is the Tarawa set which going on back in the day at $400.00 to $500.00 with all the goodie. Now $200.00 to 150.00 set. Well keep checking the club for good deal.


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            I am following the snake and boot special.. Got to love that...I like to get a JMF set.. I have been watching them, but I can't justify the price.


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              Originally posted by Aiwaloki View Post
              I am following the snake and boot special.. Got to love that...I like to get a JMF set.. I have been watching them, but I can't justify the price.
              What is JMF set? Oh by the way they had few thing up for the 12 inch line that sold out really quick like Polar Bear Attack at $275.00 and RAF service uniform bonus at $79.99. Its like you have to check every day to see whats new. I know a lot of 3/4 stuff is put up as well. The funny thing that get me is they have some incomplete Con sets for $300.00 or more and Polar Bear set sold at 275.00 complete what the heck here.


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                Well they have started their 10 % off sale now on all their products. Keep watching guys and gals.


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                  The Club is now marking most if not all products down 20%. I made perhaps my last ever purchase from the Club today - the accessory set to Mike Power, the "free" club figure from last year. Before that I bought 10 Lebel revolvers and am still thinking about getting 10 more before the doors close. I only wish they had black holsters still available. Those I could really use. Farewell Club! You were great!


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