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Name:	s-l500.jpg
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    Daryl, I'll let you know. I have a sizable collection of knockoff uniforms and clothing already. I also would like to see pics of your collection sometime. If you have a link, I'll check it out. Here are some photos of the set with the Sea Adventurer I just purchased. Do any of these look like the uniforms you are searching for?
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      Found a link to a Fighting Yank dog tag for you Daryl


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        Whoa, I got a few Fighting Yanks for cheap over the years, just to have. I don't know what Joe dog tags sell for these days, but if I were to spend that kind of money it would be for a Joe dog tag.
        But I appreciate your finding it and sending me the link.

        I'm trying to remember the uniforms I had as a kid. I recall one, I think it was a camo shirt and pants with a pretty small spring loaded mortar and a cloth hat that I think was supposed to be a beret
        but fit Joe more like a tobagan. I also had a light tan/beige/off white MP uniform with a white helmet. And an air force dress blues. That's all I can think of at the moment. I didn't have shorts or a sailor's
        dungarees. The camo pants may be what I had. I remember the clothing was of the same quality as Joe uniforms.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	s-l1600 (1).jpg
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          Click image for larger version  Name:	s-l1600.jpg Views:	1 Size:	50.2 KB ID:	4649

          Does this look like the tan uniform?
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            Yes and no. It was 52 years ago I had them. Does that uni have any kind of tag in it? To be honest I don't recall it having that many pockets.
            I remember the helmet was solid white and had MP on the front, but no stripes that I think the Joe helmets had. I don't remember red stitching
            on the collar. Oh! I just remembered the shirt was an "Ike" style. And I think the uni was lighter in color. I also remember a green shirt with the same "Ike" style.
            It may have been the uni with the small mortar (which was probably about 4-5" tall).

            I'm sorry to be so vague, but it was such a long time ago.

            The belt, I think, was the same color as the uni, with a holster that looked exactly like Joe's with a .45 and a white billy club with a red wrist strap.
            My mother was always pulling the tiny items from sets, especially after my younger brother was born. The air force dress blues had a necktie
            and a pin of small wings. I remember Christmas morning she said she was going to put those aside so my brother wouldn't choke on them.
            That was the last I ever saw of them.

            I wish someone had a Fighting Yank reference site. I could probably remember what I had if I saw a photo of them.

            But thanks for showing me the photo!!! I need to dig out my figures to see what I have. I'm thinking the first figure I got had his original in the box uni,
            with a metal dog tag. The uni was in rough shape, a pullover shirt that said Fighting Yank along with baggy green pants.


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              I found this site a while ago. It may have something that would help. Don't know. https://www.crazedfanboy.com/spotlig...knockoffs.html


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                Yes, the box back shown is for the Fighting Yank of the '70's. They changed the figure after the lawsuit from Hasbro. I found this photo of the original figure that caused the lawuit,
                because his hand had the backward thumbnail that Joes had.

                Click image for larger version

Name:	fighting yank.jpg
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                He had a metal dog tag, and his hands were copied from Joe. I have this uni somewhere, and as I recall the dog tag, but the uni is in sad shape.
                You can barely make out the lettering on his shirt were it says Fighting Yank.


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                  Click image for larger version

Name:	figting_yank.jpg
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Name:	Vintage-Original-Mego-FIGHTING-YANK-Figure-w-MP.jpg
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                  I'll bet this is one that you've described. I think your tan version is on the card back here.
                  I haven't come across it, but will be on the lookout. You always find knockoff stuff in large lots. I do think I have some of the blue jackets from the West Point cadet, and also probably some of the Navy Dress uniforms. Also have a white rifle,and an unpainted brown one (both M-1s) which could be Fighting Yank. I'll go through my stuff sometime and post a photo for you. Then maybe we can figure out if I have any of the stuff you had back then.
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                    Found a good photo. I'm pretty sure this is the one you had. The Joe in the tan uni above is one I just purchased. I'll look for a tag when he arrives. I'll also look through my other stuff. Like to help if I can.

                    In the meantime, you can get the whole uniform here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1970-VINTAG...IAAOSw1hZeSzaS
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                      Yes! The one on the card back is the one I had. But mine didn't have the clipboard (or my mother tossed it). The air force uniform I had included an all dark blue cap and a light
                      blue short sleeved shirt. The figure in the photos is the '70's version, he had "modern" hair with sideburns, very similar to Action Jackson. I have at least one of those figures.
                      They had "bendy" arms, but like other bendy figures like Matt Mason, they don't bend anymore.

                      The M-1 for Fighting Yank is easy to spot, they look just like the Joe ones except they have a scope. Most of them now the scope is broken off, but there's a square box on top
                      of the rifle to show where it once was. I have one from my childhood, square box on top but the front part of the barrel has also broken off.

                      I understand a harder to find uniform in a nice box would bring some money, but wow. I appreciate the link, and your efforts in finding it. I just don't have the collecting budget I
                      used to have, I don't know if it's worth that kind of money to put on a figure I gave $5-8 for. And I'm not sure they would like my offer. LOL
                      After all, I would open it and put it on a figure. But that is the uniform I had! I had forgotten about the plastic belt. Although the '70's version could have been a little different.

                      I did a little digging and found a box with two figures, one original and one '70's. The shirt looks just like the one in the photo you posted with the '70's figure. The pants are a
                      little lighter in color, and don't seem to be the same quality as the '60's outfit. I can't remember how many of the FY figures I have, and I haven't found the first one I got with
                      the boxed uniform and dog tag. I will need to do some more digging to find everything.

                      But I'm guessing the accessories will be much harder to find than the clothes. I really like the "new" camo outfit with the cloth hat. I've never seen it before. I wish I could find
                      a photo of the set with the small mortar. It had two missiles and was spring loaded. I would love to find one of those.

                      The green uniform you posted was one I had, but it wasn't an MP set, that I remember. It might have been the one with the mortar. I was so young when I got them, I just
                      remember bits and pieces.I remember a hard plastic green beret with a red painted flash. It wouldn't stay on Joe's head. Since I found out about Stony Smith as an adult
                      collector, that was a direct copy of the Stony beret. But the Marx beret wasn't painted.

                      I checked the shirt on the '60's figure I have, no tag. I guess FY didn't do tags.

                      I will look and see if I can find all of my FY, I need to put them together anyway. I was collecting a lot at one time but when I hit burnout and stopped for a few years, I've
                      forgotten where I put everything. At times I will dig in a few boxes when I have time, and find stuff I forgot I had!

                      I greatly appreciate your efforts in finding out about Fighting Yank! I never knew about him as a child, found out as an adult collector, finding out that what I had as a kid
                      wasn't actually Joe but FY. And I found out about Stony Smith as an adult. I had Johnny West when I was a kid, but never knew about Stony. It's been an education
                      about toys from my childhood after being a collector.

                      The one Joe I still have from my childhood still carries the .45 from that FY MP set. I might still have the helmet if I hadn't taken a step back and stepped on it, crushing
                      it when I was about 5 or 6 years old.


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                        Originally posted by Myles_Falworth View Post

                        Here is the new uniform on a PH Joe who has been used as an Action Marine. I have all of the accessories in various bins, so will need to get the quartermaster (me) to dig into the stores and outfit this guy. Here's a better picture showing the awesome color of this uniform. The only real issue with the uniform is the snaps. They are all in various stages of corrosion, and the center snap on the front of the shirt will not stay closed. But I think this is a minor issue.
                        Very nice MJF and an awesome price!

                        Yes do not wash that, it fades terribly and even trying to spot clean isn't a good idea. This one and the teal Airborne MP are both bad for that.
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                          I got this Henshin Cyborg figure in the mail today. It's a Takara figure, and is based on the vintage Joe body and produced in the early 70's.

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                            Wow! Something I've never seen before. Very cool. I'll bet the clear plastic from then holds up better than what we have now.


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                              Nice DrQuest!! I've see photos of them before. I have a Heshin Cyborg, but it's a repro (or a new version) from the 2000's. I bought him on a whim.



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                                Originally posted by Myles_Falworth View Post
                                Wow! Something I've never seen before. Very cool. I'll bet the clear plastic from then holds up better than what we have now.

                                Surprisingly these do hold up pretty good considering the age. You'll find them with some yellowing sometimes and some cracking. I have a few of these guys along with the villain version as well, King Waruda. I have the plant based costume as well, it's not pictured above.

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