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    I got a few more figures from Ebay over the past few weeks. I thought I'd post some "before" and "after" photos for you.

    First, here's a blonde PH figure I got in a lot of clothing. No changes were made - except to give him a much better Action Soldier uniform. His old one had lots of abrasions and the shoulder seam was ripped. Here he is with all new gear. Soon to be outfitted with a cold weather coat, helmet, rifle, and cartridge belt, pistol, canteen, etc. The red head PH figure had spots on his face which came right off the face with a little rubbing alcohol and some Q-tips. I then outfitted him in vintage Shore Patrol attire, with vintage rubber hat. I have a bunch of these, and they clean up beautifully with a little dish soap and a soft toothbrush! Now I have three Shore Patrol sailors and two in dungarees. Can you tell I am a Navy guy?
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    Before.....Here are two figures that came together with some uniforms and gear. The foreign soldier got a new hand and forearm (vintage) and is kitted out as Russian Infantry. The Brown PH Joe on the right became an Action Sailor. He's on the right in dungarees below. The sailor's left arm came right off when I moved his shoulder joint. The string was old and completely dry rotted. I put in a new band from Cots and he's good as new. I probably should restring the legs and head too, because of the condition the arms were in.
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      Here are the two figures partially outfitted. There are still several pieces I need for the Russian. The sailor will probably get the Navy Attack equipment soon, and will be my first sailor with that set. I can never have too many sailors!
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        And after!
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          Nice Score. Looks good.
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            Nice job... I love search and rescues...


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              Got these two from a friend at the flea market today, got a few bags of clothes with them as well, some nice stuff in those as well. The normal flocked guy only had one foot, oddly his left foot in his right leg, swapped it and pulled out a not great condition right foot out of a parts bag I had for the moment. The other guy is nuts, I have no idea but I think they glued fun fur to his head? He's in nice shape otherwise other than his broken left wrist, I have no idea the level of damage he has but they made such a nice cast for him I feel sorta bad about taking it off.


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                Wow! That's some fur on the guy on the right! I know what you mean about childhood repairs. I'm a little wistful when removing those - remembering how I taped the knee of my Land Adventurer when I was a kid. But I get over it real quick and get directly to surgery. It's really fun restoring Joes!


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                  I just scored another figure from Ebay two days ago. He's a PH Joe with the Breeches Bouy slicker. The jacket is ripped at the seam on the right underarm side, and there are several snaps missing. But I got him for $35. Should be fun sewing the seam back together and replacing the snaps. I'll have to hunt for some first. But it's a nice set anyway, and goes well with my Navy Joes .

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                    Nice score!


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ID:	3946 My latest scores include a large lot with 17 Joes (two are HOF figures with no uniforms or boots) and including a talking Joe and a Japanese Infantryman! Also in the lot was most of a Bulletman. I've just gotten the parts (except I still need one boot and a right bicep) to restore Bulletman. I plan to use the Cotswold kit for that. Still need to get some glue and a chrome pen too.

                      I also just scored an Adventure Team HH Adventurer. His hip joints are broken in the photos I saw, and I got him for about $50 because of that. I don't know when he'll arrive, however I ordered two new ball joints for him from Cotswold, and I have a pristine Adventurer uniform just waiting for him. I can hardly wait to restring this guy and add him to the Adventure Team on my shelf. I've been looking for a long time for the right guy, and the right price. Once he and Bulletman are both reassembled, I'll be finished with my vintage Adventure Team. I don't care to get the talking Astronaut, or try for the ultra-pricey Black AT Commander. I have repros of both, and that's good enough for me. I'll post some photos once there's some progress.
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                        The Adventurer arrived today. He is almost perfect. I was very surprised at the overall condition since the seller showed pics of the leg joints which were crumbled. However he's tightly strung, and stands just fine. I don't want to restring until he gets floppy, and then maybe I'll replace the ball joints. For now, all he really needs is a new right hand. I'm looking for one now. I missed the end of an auction for two hands at $13 final price. Just wasn't paying attention this evening. There'll be another chance I'm sure. I got him suited up in his correct uniform complete with boots and pistol/holster set. All he needs now is a minor cleaning of his flocking, and a new AT patch. He's ready to join the team!
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                          I just got back from the Kentuckiana Gi Joe Toy Expo. I picked up a few talkers that I had sent to Scott Wilde a few months ago, and asked to pick them up at this show. All were ready, and all were now able to talk, when before, all three had broken strings. The soldier pictured here was part of a set I purchased about a year ago from Ebay. I did not know whether the blonde figure was a Talking Action Soldier, Talking Action Sailor, Talking Action Marine, or something else, like a Talking Astronaut. It turns out, that he is a talking Action Soldier! So, he will now be outfitted as a soldier from now on. His trousers are a little scuffed and pilled, so I will look for a new uniform for him, and also get out my best pair of brown boots and a good set of gear for him. Who knows how long he was silent, with a broken string, not only causing his silence, but preventing his identity from being known! He may need treatment by the Marine Medic for PTSD. We'll see. Above is a photo of the set he came with. The two Joes were owned by two brothers, who decided to sell their Gi Joe collection. I am privileged to own it, and it occupies a place of honor in my collection.
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                            Great story... I find it hard to split a family.. I have a jeep that came with two joes from an original owner and I always keep them together. Hey do you need a footlocker tray.. I got a repo I can send you.


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ID:	3471 Had another find today while looking through my winter Gi Joe gear. I had recently gotten a set with a white vinyl belt that had two sets of white (knockoff) ammo pouches, and also a first aid kit. I also remembered that I had another white vinyl belt in my "belts" bag from another set. I went looking for it, and then went on the 3D Joes site to see if it could be the belt that went with the first aid kit, and - it was! So then I remembered that I had a white hooded jumpsuit somewhere around - with fur trimmed hood. So I was searching for this off and on this afternoon, and sure enough, it appeared - nowhere where I thought it would be - but in a pile of unsorted stuff on my desk! So I pulled a pair of arctic boots off the shelf, and voila! 1973 Winter Rescue set! I already had it, but today it was a find for me.


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