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Arm Removal Issue

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  • Arm Removal Issue

    Hey I just started getting into the classic 12 inch Joes over the past few months, and I've gotten a few by this point and have had no issue doing any repair work needed until last night, I was doing some standard hand replacements until I got to one Joe and one Action Man and I can not get their forearms off. Until this point it hasn't been an issue to just pull them a bit and they slide right off but these two wont budge, tried heating them, tried freezing them. The Action Man solved itself when the hands popped off the wrists so I just put the replacements on but the Joe has a busted off wrist peg in his arm and I'm sorta at a loss on how to get it off.
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    Have you tried wrapping the forearm in a rubber surgical glove for a good grip then using a pair of pliers to try and twist the peg out (heat forearm first in boiling kettle water)? The only other way to get a busted wrist peg out of a forearm is to remove the forearm from the rest of the arm and wrap it in a rubber surgical glove, or a thin strip of rubber and clamp it in a vice, the rubber will protect the forearm from any damage from the clamp vice, then use a short piece of narrow metal rod from your tool box that fits inside the forearm all the way down to the wrist peg and bang/tap the broken peg out using a small hammer, using gentle taps to start with. I used this method to get a broken ankle peg out of one of my Action Man figures (as seen here: http://www.thetrenchesforum.com/foru...-on-duty-again ). Other members might know a better way.
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      Ah I hadn't considered using a glove for the grip and protection! That may do it, my fear would be I could damage the elbow peg tho if I yank on it to hard or am I worried about nothing? Until this point my method has pretty much been what you said second, just soak the part in hot water, and then stick and alan key I have thats about the same size in and tap it with a rubber mallet I have until it pops out. The only other sticking point I've had is a broken ankle peg in an Atomic Man as I cant manage to remove the mechanical bit in the middle of the leg. But that glove and pliers technique may solve this arm issue!


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