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  • Some years ago I ordered a vintage right forearm for a Joe I had from Cotswold. The hole was smaller than the pegs on the figure! I don't know if some shrink a bit over time, or what.
    I also ordered a set of hard hands from them at another time, they came with teflon tape wrapped around the peg. So maybe some were made with different sizes?

    You can try to put some teflon tape on the peg of the hand that slides in an out. Once you get the right thickness, it should fit right and stay in.

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      This guy arrived in the mail yesterday. He has very nice hair, with no rubs, but a couple of small marks on the face. He has an intact pull-string, which extends fully but then retracts instantly and with no sound. Also, he's got floppy hips (needs restring) and a broken right arm. Looking inside the chest cavity, the first problem appears to be either a missing or damaged speaker - so that will be the first order of business, after replacing the broken upper arm/shoulder. I wonder whether the tape is still attached inside. Should be interesting.


      • There's been a lot of activity on the forums since Christmas. Good to see! The projects thread was all the way on page 3, so I thought it was time for an update. I haven't been doing much on projects lately. My attention has been taken by the bad news on TV, and keeping us supplied on the homefront. Also my work has picked up considerably.

        I have ordered some Joes recently, but none that need work. I have a couple of new Classic Collection Joes, and a Masterpiece Edition on it's way. I also purchased a reproduction of an Adventure Locker from 69. I think my next project will be sorting through some of my knock-off stuff better. I already have separate bags for Big Jim, Stony Smith, and Best of the West, but I don't have places to sort Mr. Action, Fighting Yank, and some of the other knock-off companies producing Joe gear during the 60's and 70's. I have a few online resources to help with identifying at least some of the pieces, and I've started a list of what I think I've got. Next will be to get some gallon storage bags, label them, and start putting things where they belong.


        • Current project update: got the wheels and axles for the next MSV 6x6 project. Cut out the floorpan and cut the axle races. All I have to do is paint, cut the axles to length, and assemble it. I'll post pics when done.


          • I’ve started creating a WWII Gurkha with a 40th Joe, inspired by previous summers of Joes outside in my jungle of Japanese Knotweed, which looks sort of like a jungle and bamboo forest from underneath. BTW, Japanese Knotweed is invasive, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody.
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